The loss of Bluenote on Sonos

  • 5 April 2016
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March 31st was a sad day and the end of a much enjoyed era of commercial free Bluenote radio on Sonos. Thank you Sonos for bringing such a great Jazz experience to your customers, I greatly appreciate it.

In my view, and also other's in my household, Bluenote's jazz stations were the best available on the internet.

I've been looking for a commercial free replacement and have not found one yet. Apple Music's Jazz radio just doesn't come close yet and Pandora, while good, is not commercial free unless you subscribe (which I don't, only to Apple Music).

I'm curious to know what other stations users have found that are on par with Bluenote.

To Sonos executives and marketing: again, thank you for making the best modern music system in existence! The Bluenote deal was great and I'm wondering if it came as a surprise as to how popular it was? I'd love to see it back of course but I know money and contracts are the issue. Count me as a +1 who would be willing to pay Bluenote for a premium Jazz station on Sonos.

Life is too short for bad music or bad sound! Rock on!

4 replies

I'm not a huge blues fan BayAreaJazzLover, but like to dip my toe in the water occasionally. I'm sure I read recently that Bluenote have been taken on board by Apple to be their first official caretaker of blues music on their streaming service and they will be creating new blues playlists etc. for the new Apple Music streaming service.

Perhaps link in with Bluenote and send them some suggestions for the types of playlists you would like to see.

I reckon it's only a matter of time before 'blues' music is improved on the Apple Music streaming service, with Bluenote as its curator. That's a win-win situation for you, as it appears you are already a subscriber.

Patience is a virtue... I too will now be looking for the Bluenote playlists to keep those toes from drying out.
I have found that Apple Music has a lot of great jazz - not necessarily on their playlists, I have made playlists on Sonos from albums/tracks that I like and I don't miss the Blue note channels.
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I am another who, relatively new to the world of Sonos, greatly misses the Blue Note service. The lack of commercials, coupled with great jazz made it almost a default channel in our household, especially early evening when opening a bottle wine! We miss it very much and we have not yet found any worthy substitute. Kumar's idea is a good one but I do miss being able to just turn on the station.

I would greatly welcome the return of the service and would ask Sonos team to please keep in mind what seems to be a high level of enthusiasm for the service.

Many thanks. doesn't stream to India anymore and perhaps to some other places as well. For people in the US, it is another great option. As is Calm Radio, though it doesn't have as much music as Jazzradio seems to have.

And there are some good radio stations available via Tune In. Radio Swiss Jazz is one that comes to mind, from the many there.