The awe and pain of Apple Music integration

  • 31 December 2016
  • 27 replies

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27 replies

So if you don't think Apple's integration is complete, why aren't you telling this to Apple? They're the ones who did the majority of the development against Sonos' published API, just like all the other service providers. I'll never understand Apple fanboyz...

I'm admittedly an Apple Fanboy, but must agree that this is on Apple not Sonos. Apple has a really bad habit of not playing well with others. Looks at Spotify, it works with Sonos, Alexa, etc. You can use the Spotify app to now control Sonos directly. Why hasn't Apple done the same? I'm trying Deezer right now and it offers almost complete integration with the Sonos app and lossless music.

Even inside it's own app, Apple Music is lacking so many things. For a company claiming music is in their DNA, Apple really needs to step up. The Apple Music app can't even indicate duplicate music additions to a playlist.

Chalk this poor integration up to Apple.
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This is a great thread—while I think rather than disagreeing, we should create a campaign... #AppleSonosJustMakeItWork (or something). 😃

I appreciate the engineering y'all @Sonos do everyday, so though I may sound demanding, it's with the belief that with enough resources and attention from both companies, this is definitely solvable. With Apple selling Sonos in their stores, it's a clear victory for both companies to make it work beautifully, not half-way (as is currently the case).

I wonder if both Apple and Sonos are aware of how many users this integration would positively impact. I'm sure they are. They can only guess at how much more demand it would create.

I really want to create playlists based on tracks I've "loved" in Apple Music, but I never listen via the native app, only through Sonos, so I have hardly any "loves." I bet right now, there are thousands of Apple / Sonos users who would up-vote Kumar's question, "When can we expect either Direct Control for Apple Music, or the integration of the "Like" feature in the existing Sonos controller for Apple Music?" but they're simply not searching forums and looking for this thread.

If anyone on this thread hasn't nagged Apple about this, please do it now:

My comments for Apple below: (Thanks Kumar for the language of part 1)

Feature Improvement:
When can we expect either Direct Control for Apple Music, or the integration of the "Like" feature in the existing Sonos controller for Apple Music? See this thread on Sonos forums:

I'd really like to be able to either "love" tracks within Sonos controller, or better yet, use Apple Music to directly control my Sonos system, via their generic API, (that Spotify has smartly already taken advantage of!) I'm pretty loyal to Apple Music for economic reasons (family plan isn't offered by Spotify, I moved here from Spotify, from Rhapsody originally). This would be a major upgrade for me, as I want to create playlists based on my "loves" as I discover music. Otherwise, it's very cumbersome. I have to search for each song in iTunes while listening to Sonos to add it to a playlist—terribly inefficient. Thanks for taking my concerns to heart, and imagining that I definitely speak for thousands who just didn't find the right place to voice their request. 😛