Telephone support is Unacceptable

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And who is trolling me?

You, in your seemingly infinite free time, directed 5-10 comments (not helpful in any way) directly to me across multiple threads. So if you're looking for some attention, you got it. I'm happy to respond and indulge. But I find it unlikely anybody has the time or desire to troll you.

But I do have to offer a suggestion. If I didn't have a Sonos related issue to resolve, and I just spent my day trolling a Sonos board for people that are here looking to resolve issues, I would be embarrassed. But here's things I might do with my time before I posted 15,000 comments here:

-get a job (or be a better employee if this is how you spend your work time);
-work out (focus on something that benefits you in some way);
-find a better board (there's plenty of Russian bots out there to argue with on political boards, and that way you don't take up time from people like me);
-get Tinder (a girlfriend can help take up time and hopefully reduced the frustrations in your life).
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Guys, I'm pretty sure this has gone on long enough. I'm closing this thread for now as it's extremely off topic. Please try to stay friendly and not attack any other users.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me directly.