SUB-tastic songs

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The SUB is so powerful.... SO let's share our favourite SUB songs!

ZZ Ward - LOVE 3X (RAC Mix) -
Oliver - Light Years Away -
Porter Robinson - Divinity -
Rezonate - Rebirth -
Pylot - Flashbacks

Add yours down below and respect other peoples opinion's please 😉! I may edit this post with more of my favourites

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ZZ Ward - Love 3x' bassline reminds me of some oldschool Gorillaz for some reason... Nice tune!
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Aphex Twin - Windowlicker 😉
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Try James Blake "Limit to your Love"... wait about 1 minute for your mind to be blown.
Victor Wooten - A Show of Hands
Esbjorn Svensson Trio - The Very Best of E.S.T
Tord Gustavsen Trio - All albums
Ahmad Jamal Trio - Blue Moon, Saturday Morning
Michel Petrucciani and NHOP Live
Noah Preminger - Background Music
The Village Vanguard Sessions - Bill Evans, Scott LaFaro
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Lament track from album Night Song
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Try James Blake "Limit to your Love"... wait about 1 minute for your mind to be blown.

God damn! That was crazy! 🆒

My own Sub-buster songs at the moment would have to be:

Some Wobbles - Ephixa
Fantasy - The XX
Senile - Young Money
A Millie (Remix) - Excision & Datsik
Late Night Tip - Three Six Mafia
Roll The Bass - Major Laser
Time Lapse - Ludovico Einaudi

And most of all, this absolutely pounds! This get's low, like below the 30Hz range!
"Woofer Cooker" - Boston Acoustics -

Just a few which I think really put my SUB, on in better terms, my house, to the test!
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I'm always a fan of some good The Glitch Mob tracks, such as this one:
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Love those Kumar suggestions 😃 for any bass player, Victor Wooten is the daddy.
Victor is good, but don't forget Jaco!

Some more albums where the Sub shines is a low sound level setting. The kind of music I like, I find that the Sub is more of a need at those times. These albums don't have the Sub used for thumping out the beat, but for riffing in a jazz setting. Excellent music:

Charlie Haden/Pat Metheny - Beyond the Missouri Sky
Charlie Haden/Antonio Forcione - Heartplay
Charlie Haden/Kenny Barron - Night and the City
Dave Holland/Kenny Barron - The Art of Conversation
And some that work better at louder settings:
Collin Walcott - Cloud Dance
Jeff Ballard - Time's Tales
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Madeon - Imperium
twenty one pilots: Stressed Out, Fairly Local and Message Man
Matt and Kim - Cameras, Block after Block, Good for great, I'm a goner and a lot of their other stuff
Great recommendations so far! Here are a few more 🙂

Paris XY - The Return
Paris XY - The Vigil
Hermitude - The Buzz
JAKWOB - Fade (Sane Beats Remix)
Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix)
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Try James Blake "Limit to your Love"... wait about 1 minute for your mind to be blown.

Great minds... I posted the same in the other Sub & stereo imaging thread (how do I link...?) before spotting this newer thread. As I said there just bolt everything down, turn it up and feel the bass. It's helpful for finding loose floorboards and plaster too.

Again, as I said elsewhere, the original by Feist is worth a listen for a complete musical contrast.
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Parts of the My|Alias mix of Goodbye to a world and Language are pretty bass-y especially during the transition to Language at 1:30 .

"Porter Robinson - Goodbye to a Language (My|Alias Mix)" in Soundcloud track search
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Talking about Porter Robinson:

Porter Robinson - Say My Name around 2:47. In case you want to get rid of your neighbors :)
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(I posted this in the other SUB topic)
There are quite a few that I have to add from Porter Robinson' Worlds Remixed LP:
Sad Machine (Deon Custom remix)
Flicker (Mat Zo remix)
Polygon Dust (Sleepy Tom remix)
Goodbye To A World (Chrome Sparks remix)

Songs that sound awesome from that album anyway:
Divinity (ODESZA remix) [Sounds like Moby]
Fresh Static Snow (Last Island remix) [Trust me it sounds amazing]
Sea Of Voices (Galimatias remix) [Nice jazzy take on this slow song]
Hear The Bells (Electric Mantis remix) [The start is just, wow]

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For a subtastic kidney-pummeling, "Open Eye Signal" by Jon Hopkins takes some topping:
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The Orb, God's Mirrorball about 4.50 mins in, it's a 12min track, great!
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Candy Walls - TRUST
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Blow at High Dough , New Orleans is Sinking - The Tragically Hip
Total Control - The Motels
Hard to top Blake's limit to your love. First track I played was Bowie, I'm afraid of Americans.