Sony ES receivers & "Sonos Connectivity"??

  • 25 September 2015
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Sony is promoting that their ES receivers have "Sonos connectivity"...

...anyone knows what that means?

10 replies

Not what you think, but pretty slick.
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Googling a bit, saw things like this:

"The new AVRs play nice with Sonos thanks to Music Connect, which detects Sonos network traffic and plays it back without the need for another input device such as a Sonos Connect. Sonos apps can play directly through the new receivers."

Be interesting to hear from people that actually have one and have tried it.
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Googling a bit, saw things like this:
Very interesting if true, but I note that page is over a year old now. The current spec sheet for the receiver makes no mention of Sonos at all, although it still appears in the comparison chart linked by msbendts above.

While I could believe it might do some clever stuff around volume control to avoid "duelling remotes" (as mentioned in Chicks's link), I find it very difficult to believe it would go further than that, certainly not the bit about "plays it back without the need for another input device such as a Sonos Connect". Sonos's lawyers would be jumping all over them!

Still be interested to hear from someone who owns one of these receivers though, as to exactly what "Sonos connectivity" actually means in practice.
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Hey guys, always great seeing this sort of discussion. I wanted to let you know I've moved this over to the Music, culture and the industry board.
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So, then, is the theory this...

I have the output of a Sonos Connect running to an input of one of these three Sony ES receivers...and for this dialog assume I have this Sonos Connect configured as the Living Room zone.

From my Sonos controller (i.e. iPad App), I choose the Living Room zone, and start to stream music.
This Sony receiver, which is "powered off" (or I assume more in a sleep mode), would notice that there is a signal on the inputs that the Sonos Connect is wired to, this Sony receiver would "power up", automatically set the input, and music would start playing through the speakers.

So the theory of the Sony Music Connect feature is to have this receiver fully power up when it notices a signal from the incoming that my interpretation?

I like the concept...being able to remotely "power up" the receiver, and automatically have it configure its input sources, to play streaming music. Saves walking around the house, finding the receiver remote, pressing several buttons, etc.

Would be nice to know
* how well it works...
* if the receiver has some "smarts" to handle the Sonos input being selected during while the receiver is already on and being used for something else (i.e. move, football game, etc.)
* if the receiver only has one type of input this works for (i.e. optical only?)
* if the receiver has this feature for more than one input when in "power off" mode (i.e. seems like a cool way to go from "power off" to "power up" for a game console too)

Any one have experience, thoughts??
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Oh -- another Q

Has anyone heard of any other receiver, or pre-amp, that would do this type of concept?

Go from "power down" state, to a "power up" state, and automatically configure input selection when it noticed that the input now has a signal?

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I totally missed this thread.

Very interesting and smart move for Sonos partnering with Sony it appears. Direct Shot back at Denon who was promoting their Sonos copycat HEOS in having it built into some of its receivers.

The real interesting thing would be if at some point Sony recievers were able to decode multichannel audio content (DD, DTS, etc) and then push it to Sonos speakers (5.1).

Looks like another Sonos related addition to be touted at CEDIA. They may have a big day of announcements.
It doesn't look like anyone ever answered this definitively but as far as I can tell it works pretty much as msbendts described. That is the Sony detects a signal on a specific input and triggers the receiver on and selects that input so the music can play. I don't see anything specific to Sonos here and I expect it would work the same from any input like a game console or another brand of streaming music player. This is really no different than using something like an Audiosource Amp-100 which will also power up and select the active input when a signal is present. This is a nice feature in the Sony receiver but hardly counts as Sonos integration since it is a simple audio trigger that would work with any music source.
Works great with my Sony STR-ZA3000ES, yes detects my Connect via it's mac address & turns on to assigned input, volume level preset, etc. BUT....... avr will not turn off after pausing Connect, un-grouping, muting, etc. I have it's "auto standby on" & find nothing else to program. I was told I need to go into Sonos' Controller (pc control &/or app) & turn off diagnostics or similar so the Sony will detect a lack of traffic & turn off. Can't find anywhere to do so. HELP!?!?
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I was told I need to go into Sonos' Controller (pc control &/or app) & turn off diagnostics or similar so the Sony will detect a lack of traffic & turn off. Can't find anywhere to do so. HELP!?!?

Hi EHS, there's no setting in the Sonos software to turn off anything of this sort. Do you have this same issue if you are playing music out of your Sonos Queue and then clear it so it says "No Music"? It's possible if your play state is at "Paused" the receiver still is staying ready but if your Sonos controller shows the state is "Stopped" it may work. This might be something to play with to figure out exactly which states work for that receiver.