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  • 17 April 2020
  • 2 replies

Bought a Port to run a simple 1210 setup through, understand there is 70 odd MS of delay.

Are there any plans for an update to remove this in future or am I best just sending the port back?



2 replies

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I gather you will use the Port in conjunction with a Technics record player? The delay is necessary as a buffer. I don't see it disappearing. Why would this be a problem - unless you plan DJ-ing with  the Technics.

If you want to input the turntable signal and then immediately output it again at the same location then use a switch to bypass the Port. There are no plans for a zero-delay, ‘pass through’ mode for this use case. 

If you want to transmit through the Port to other Sonos players then the delay is essential to allow for network buffering and avoid dropouts.