Sons Fives as Studio Monitors

  • 22 June 2021
  • 3 replies

Hi Guys, I wanted to know, if anyone has used fives as studio monitors? Do you guys think, we can use 2 Fives as left and right channels on a studio monitoring sound interface? I would also like to know, fi using 3..5 mm jack to connect to a computer to use 2 Fives as Studio monitor is okay vs. using a 6 mm.? As such Fives don't have a 6.4 mm I will have to use an adapter and I am fine with that as long as the sound quality does not get affected. Thanks. 

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3 replies

I think the issue you’ll run in to more is the minimum delay of around 70 ms on any line in for a Sonos device. An adapter taking the input from any other size to 3.5mm should be transparent to the signal.

At the end of the day, Sonos doesn’t really make speakers that are ideal for this use case. You’re forcing a great WiFi speaker into a situation it isn’t designed for. 

Pro studio monitors usually have balanced inputs.  Try a pair of JBL 306P MKII’s.  They’re cheaper, and will sound far more accurate as near-field monitors.

Studio monitors are designed for studios; with a flatter response than HiFi speakers that are meant for a domestic listening environment, designed to sound a little warmer as is the preference for that market. All Sonos speakers fall in the latter category. The 5 will therefore not give you the studio monitor sound signature.