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  • 19 April 2007
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Think this is a must from Sonos

Would buy thses without a thought
Since the poll is closed, I'll post my not interested vote here. If I had them, I might use them, but I cannot imagine a situation where I would actually purchase them.

If I am in a situation that I need headphones, I would just plug (or BT) into my phone and probably have an even easier experience. My key benefits with Sonos is simplicity and being able to group players. I don't really see a value to me in my headphones being grouped with a speaker setup - why not just use my phone?
... - why not just use my phone?

Most phones don't have very good DACs (Digital to Analog Converters), where presumably Sonos could build the headphones using a similar DAC to what they use in their other products. They're not the absolute best, but much better than what phones have.

(In other words: It would be better than a phone because the sound quality would be better, all else being equal.)
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Since you can't use the phone to Group with the Playbar watching games etc.

Also alot of situations for normal use when you don't want to Wake up the whole house, this one might be able to use a phone though but the BIG thing for me is the first statement

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I am an odd sleeper - I'm not always on a set schedule and sleep when I am tired (duh).

So when I can't sleep I am often working on projects, exercizing, or something to occupy my time. This sucks because my wife sleeps like a normal human and playing music while I'm working work disturb her.

I think that now that we have the Play 1, 3, and 5 and the PlayBar and Sub setup the next, most logical progression would be headphones.

A really high quality set of rechargeable headphones would be really great. They could have a base station that would act as a charger and have a Ethernet connection on the back so you wouldn't need a bridge.

The form factor could be much like the Logitech G930 (minus the microphone) would allow for volume and playback controls.

Food for thought 🙂
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Friend of mine, who I actually convinced to join the Sonos club, made a suggestion to me that as I think about it, is a great idea. Much like the Wireless Dock, use the same technology to build a set of headphones. Yes, I know they would be pricier than your average "Beat" headphones, but imagine having your own private zone. Just a thought...
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It's not a new thought though. Sonos don't take any notice of this place anymore, head over to and add your +1 to the idea over there. I wouldn't get your hopes up though, this is a very old idea and hasn't been implemented yet, so doesn't seem likely. I admit I don't know the official status of the idea however.
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I mow 4 acres on a ride on mower with an i-pod. Wireless (preferrebly noise cancelling) headphones would be great.
I mow 4 acres on a ride on mower with an i-pod. Wireless (preferrebly noise cancelling) headphones would be great.

You probably wouldn't get reliable wireless coverage over that distance.


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Hi everyone! This is my first post, and I have an idea that I think is pretty cool. please tell me what you think! So I was thinking it would be really cool to have Sonos wireless headphones that worked as long as they were in range of the bridge. Then people could listen to their music without annoying other people. The sound wouldn't have to cross over like it does with the speakers, and you could also group the Headphones like you can with speakers so groups of people could listen to one song while another group could listen to a different song, all in the same room. Please tell me what you think! Thank you!🆒
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I think it would be nice if people searched the forum for similar threads, this has been suggested so many times!

Either way, you need to add your vote for it on, this place is used by Sonos any more.
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I thing it would be very nice with some Sonos wireless headphones?
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What a good idea
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Hi Sonos,

A new idea could be a headset.
The headset should be a dual headset, meaning that it should work with Sonos as a "normal" Sonos speaker, and also as normal headset for a computer. Off cause with a mic. for gaming/skype etc.

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It's not really any different to the headphone requests that people have been making since the dawn of time (well, the dawn of Sonos at least) and Sonos haven't shown a great deal of enthusiasm for that either up until now.
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Really nice idea, I would love to have a headset at home.
Can't believe that Sonos don't do wireless headsets -its the only thing that I can fault with the product .
Would love this solution! I have setup a Sonos system in our office - which is great as long as no one needs to use the phone. We also use Lync for our phones and have wireless headsets. With iTunes, we could either play to our headsets or to Apple TV (also rigged up in the office). Obviously, the speakers were much better, but we could mute Apple TV whenever the phone rang, and the rest of us could continue to listen on our headsets. As a bonus, locally Lync would automatically mute when the phone rang, and play again once we hung up.

Would love to get something similar working with Sonos.