Sonos Zone Headphones

  • 19 April 2007
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What about a set of Sonos wireless headphones that appear as a zone on the controller?

I luv been about to stream my music to every speaker, I know you can using line-out you can setup up headphones, but it's fair from ideal, so I suggesting something altogether 'simplier' - pick up your headphones, select what you want to listen to on that 'zone', (play it loud - optional 😉 ) and not disturb anyone else in the house.

I know by saying "simplier", this by definition means it'll be harder to implement. 😉 But hay look at what the Sonos team did the first time they tried something 'never done before'. :))

What do you think?

If Sonos made a wireless headset that used their Sonos technology, would you buy one?

97 replies

I love it. I am not a headphone user, but it is off the scale in the "cool" department.

Challenges might be the power usage of the Wifi technology. I mean the weight of the battery to support it.
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Great idea. Was going to suggest the same thing.

Get a project going with somebody like Sennheiser, and you have one more great product in your line-up.
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Battery lifetime: aprox. 2-3 hours

I don't think i ever would listen for longer than that on a headphone set.
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Never say never. 🙂

However 2\3 hours sounds about right.

If Sonos had something like this, they'd be miles (yet again) ahead of the competition.
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You'd need a large laptop battery to keep wi-fi running for 2-3hrs...not gonna happen really.

I sync my music library with an iPod...much easier.
I can't imagine that the hardware engineers at Sonos are sitting around doing nothing. My guess is that we will see a lighter, less voluminous controller with a head phone jack and enough memory to allow you take some of your tunes on the road.
I have a Palm T|X that can do much of what you ask for.

While it's great for picking up an email or a quick weather report, if the WiFi is on full time you can watch the battery indicator tick off 1% every few seconds.

Lots of things can be done to minimize the power used by processors, memory, displays, and internal disk drives, but you need a certain amount of power (or a large antenna) to achieve any practical distance with WiFi.

Without waiting for a SONOS product, one could use just about any wireless headphone plugged into a ZonePlayer.
Not asking for it. It's just what I think we will get. ...and the way to get around the the battery problem is to a) lower the bit rate on the controller upstream (transmit) link, and b) improve the receive sensitivity with better radios or antennas on the zone players.
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I'm still waiting for the sonos boombox.:D

Maybe a small iPod sized ZP with a head phone jack and an FM transmitter to send music to your own boombox.;)
High quality headphones. They might look something like AKG 701's (,id,911,pid,911,nodeid,2,_language,EN.html), of course without the cable. Can be placed in a docking station to recharge. Should be able to achieve 3 hrs playback with each recharge. Of course the headphones will have wireless built-in. The headphones will be configurable in the controller. The headphones could be called the Sonos ZP 60.

Now wouldn't that be sort of cool? 🆒

Now wouldn't that be sort of cool? 🆒

So cool, it's been thought of before.

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Wireless headphones, great idea!
I would buy them.

I can't count how many times someone has told me to
"Turn your music down! It's to @#$#@@# loud!"

My reply?
"What?! I can't hear you! My music to too @#$#@@# loud!"
[FONT="Verdana"]No, this product as described in the title doesn't exist, but I would love it if it did. This is a petition and poll to see if others would be interested in Sonos making a wireless headset that uses their SonosNet technology.

I'm currently using a bluetooth stereo headset and bluetooth stereo transceiver connected to a ZonePlayer as my wireless headset solution, but the sound quality is not up to par. It occurred to me that Sonos, being the excellent company that it is in design, quality and simplicity of their products, has an opportunity to create a wireless headset that plugs into their mesh network.

I know I'd buy one if they had one.[/font]
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Yes, it's a nice idea. See this thread for others who echo the same sentiments.

A mod will probably add your request to that thread, don't be insulted!

I just posted a thread on this topic, not knowing there was a thread on it already.

Regarding battery life, I would need it to last longer than the 2 or 3 hours people have been mentioning. For example, when playing my XBox 360 during the wee hours of the nite, I will play for at least 4 hours at a time, if not more. If the battery was replaceable, I'd guess that would be a different story...
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You'd need a large laptop battery to keep wi-fi running for 2-3hrs...not gonna happen really.

What makes you say that? My iPhone WiFi works for about two hours on a full charge and that is also powering the large touch screen and processor.

I think that 2-3 hours is absolutly doable.

At first I did not think this was that great of an idea - but then I pictured a guy riding on his lawnmower with these on and not having to go into the house to change what he was listening to.

That would be very cool.

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New to Sonos, but am loving it all. I thought of this issue this weekend while working in the yard. My zones have good exterior coverage and it would work well. I am on board with a wireless headphone zone if possible.
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How about rechargeable wireless (sonosnet wifi) headphones. They could act as another zone.
Hi Fugros,
Moved your post to an even better thread requesting just this feature. As you see, you are not alone.
just replied to the standard old-school headphones topic as well, but i'll throw another vote on this topic though I dont' see it as being quite as viable...surprise us Sonos!
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So, I have a big house all unwired up with sonos gear and even my wife loves it (that was the key). Now as my kids gad about the house they listen to different things. My oldest and youngest love listening to stories the best, while the rest of us are listening to music in various parts of the house.

Now I thought what if a wifi headset could just link into the sonos net? A bit geeky sure but when my kids are asleep and I want to rock out a pair of headsets would be good.

Anybody else think it is a good idea? Maybe someone already has something like it? I don't know.

Oh, and a big YES to the iphone/itouch app idea I have read about here. Thanks.:)
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I posted a sound idea before searching for "headset'. Sorry. But I am in for at least three headsets.

As you see, I moved your post out of the Sound Ideas forum. Over there we limit suggestions to one per thread.

Both of your ideas are popular, feel free to join the discussions. Even a "me too" or a "not for me" comment is welcome.
Great idea, I'm in! 🙂
me too!