Sonos vs Denon lawsuit advances

Sonos wins right to include its patents which Denon wanted excluded.

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Interesting. Thanks, Chicks!
Sonos gets two of Denon's patents invalidated...
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Interesting. Was able to read in entirety first time. Now it's asking for registration. Oh well.
Heh. They probably noticed a lot of traffic to it, and slid it behind the pay wall. Interesting opening paragraph, thanks for posting it, chicks!
Jury Awards Sonos $2M In Denon Wireless Speaker IP Row

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Whey..........maybe an HDMI, ATMOS playbar now then 🆒🆒
So, it looks like Denon Heos was bought by the holding company that owns Polk and Definitive Technology, both of which use DTS PlayFi. Also notice that all the Heos speakers have "new" versions supporting the "high resolution" marketing silliness. Has Heos already switched to PlayFi under their new ownership? They sure can't continue abusing Sonos' patents, so have to assume they will either discontinue Heos or switch it to PlayFi.
Turns out this was just round one. More to come. Sonos holds a LOT of patents, second only to Apple among electronics companies, and is defending them vigorously.
Thanks for the updates, it's not something I'd normally follow, except as you post in this thread. Much appreciated!