Sonos, the Apple of home audio?

  • 24 June 2020
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Is Apple about to buy Sonos?

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3 replies

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Deadly … imagine the prodigy of such a union …. a whole new crop of SonApp (or AppSon) fan-boys. 

The fly in the ointment is the Sonos division will have to come out with ‘new’ versions every 6 months or so.  Good luck with that.

Is Apple about to buy Sonos?


About the fifth time this rumor has been floated, and about as accurate a prediction as the last four times.  

This is less of a rumor and more of an opinion that such an action would make sense for Apple.  There is no evidence that  Apple is looking at it, or that Sonos is for sale.  No evidence of communication between the two companies about this possibility.


Personally, I don’t think Apple and Sonos are as good a fit as the experts say.  In general, Amazon, Google, and Apple are in the smart speaker business because it helps keep customers in their ecosystems, using their services and products.  They are closed systems in many regards, Apple more than the others in some regards.  While Sonos is a closed system in terms of it’s speakers, it is not closed for the music services and voice assistants.  So, if Apple bought Sonos, it would not really help keep customers in their ecosystem.  The Apple brand would possibly sell more Sonos, and they could add Siri and other Apple exclusive features/functions, but the system will still be open for non-Apple services.

In contrast, despite the fact that the Homepod was not successful, they certainly could come up with a new product line, learning from past mistakes, knowing that there are plenty of Apple fans that will happily back the effort.  That system can be the more closed system Apple wants it to be.

But I just speculate.