Sonos, Synology and iTunes playlists

  • 12 December 2016
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Please bear with me here for a bit. I have the majority of my music in ALAC form on a Synology NAS and I'm successfully accessing it through a Sonos Connect that is attached to an audiophile speaker system. Separately, I have a lot of music that's accessible via iTunes on my MacbookPro, some of which is ALAC and some of which is whatever Apple provides when you stream music (or download it?) from Apple Music.

In preparation for a New Year's Eve party, I've been gathering about 100 songs onto a Dance playlist in iTunes that I want to play through our sound system on NY Eve. Probably about half of the songs are ones already on my NAS in ALAC form and half of them would be ones that I've accessed through Apple Music and/or have purchased on iTunes but not uploaded to the NAS.

Here's my question: What's the best way for me to be sure that my iTunes Dance playlist music is available via my Sonos Connect? I am perfectly happy to purchase all the tracks I don't already own and upload them to the NAS, but I don't know how to recreate the Dance playlist for the purposes of playing it through Sonos. I know there is a way to "import" an iTunes playlist into Sonos, but will that actually find the same songs if they are on the NAS, or do I have to have Sonos pointed to my whole iTunes library on the MB Pro for that to work (in which case, it will be pointed to a music library with much lower quality music files).

Or should I just not worry about the quality and have the NAS point to my MB Pro Music library?

Any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated!

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