SONOS "outdoor speaker"

  • 28 June 2017
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Any chance of Sonos introducing an outdoor speaker? Would love to have Sonos in the garden but afraid of the Irish weather killing my sounds!

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8 replies

One solution is to use a Sonos Connect amp to power a couple of Outdoor speakers. That other brand starting with B**e makes some,
there are loads of brands on the market that I could use Sonos Connect amp with, but would much prefer to have a Sonos speaker which would be safe to use outside!
It isn't easy to make a speaker that can safely be connected to the mains out of doors in rain or snow.
not easy, but not impossible 🙂 the fact loads of competitors have outdoor Bluetooth speakers it would be nice for Sonos to have the same capability. hey, it's only a suggestion!
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Sonos told us that they did have an outdoor speaker project running for several years that was shelved.
One of the main considerations is that maintaining a network connection is hard enough indoors but introduce outdoors into the equation brings a whole new set of challenges
Sure; but you have unwittingly made the point. It isn't just that an external speaker is needed, but it also needs to not need mains power by virtue of having batteries, and it has to not need WiFi by having bluetooth capability. And once that is done, there would be loads of competitors waiting to fight for market share.

Sonos has its hands full at this time developing voice control capability because absence of that is a bigger challenge to its existence right now than any other feature or product.
I agree with DavyLacy. I would like to have a Sonos outdoor speaker that I could leave on my screened porch.
Out of curiosity, does anybody have a weatherproof Bluetooth speaker that they just leave on the porch? I've just never seen anyone do that.