Sonos Ones or HomePod

  • 18 January 2018
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31 replies

Now that the HomePod is released - can anyone share their opinion of whether or not I should purchase 2 Sonos Play Ones and set them up as a stereo pair or get the HomePod. The price is the same right now as many of you know. I’m concerned strictly with which sounds better - the pair of Sonos 1 or a single HomePod.

This question is for anyone that has had the chance to experience both.

Also, do the Play Ones really fall short on bass (simply due to their size)?

Thank you.
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I saw one review that matches up pair of play:1s favorably but said the Apple HomePod had a little more low end bass.

I think it comes down to what ecosystem you want to be in Sonos (and fairly open) or Apple (works well within it ecosystem but limited outside).

I’m also using Alexa with all my home automation and Apple to me doesn’t provide what I have with Alexa and smartthings from an automation standpoint. My reason for the speakers is whole home under one app which is Sonos.

I think the HomePod is an amazing piece of technilogy and I’m sure sounds terrific. It doesn’t fit my needs but may others.

Not sure how much feedback you will get here since I’m not sure how many regular posters here are going to jump to Apple.

You may have better answers on something like Avs forum where you may find those checking it out.
The first blind test says stick with Sonos.
Consumer Reports, which doesn't take advertising, thus has long been the most trusted review magazine, ranks the Sonos One higher than the HomePod.
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The blind test also doesn’t mention if he did trueplay setup or not. A lot leave that let out of review.
I bought a Homepod yesterday and was comparing it to my sonos play 5 and play 3 earlier. I like the homepod a lot. It is clear and has good bass and overall just sounds excellent. That was in my living room, I have since moved it to my bedroom and am going to compare to my sonos one. then its over to my brother in laws house for him to compare to his sonos ones in stereo pair. My first impressions are that the sonos has better midbass and overall it gets louder, which is a big deal for me. The homepod has very good bass and clarity it is just not that great in the midrange and the overall volume level is not as loud as my play 5 for sure and maybe even my play 3. I will try to remember to get back on here when i have a chance to compare the homepod with the sonos ones.