Sonos One and marks on wooden surfaces

  • 20 February 2018
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I think that I read somewhere that Sonos One speakers will leave marks on wooden surfaces similar to setting a wet glass on it. I've searched, but cannot find anything about it.
Has anyone had that problem? If so, what if the best remedy?

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5 replies

No I have seen nothing to suggest that. There are such problems with Apple's Homepod though.
I think that was re: the new Apple HomePod speaker, not the Sonos, as John B stated above as well.
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If you want to protect your surface the easy way is to use some felt pads that stick to the speaker's bottom. They work quite well at preventing scratches from sliding stuff around. Another similar option would be foamed rubber pads, very similar to the felt but tacky enough you can't slide them, you have to pick the item up to move it. Amazon or your local hardware section should have both.
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Here's what the OP must be referring to:

However, I think it's odd there are no verifiable pictures unlike the one in the Homepod article:

I've four Sonos One's and before them Play 1's in the same placements and have not experienced any spots on furniture. Oddly this alleged issue never surfaced prior to the release of the HomePod.
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I think that maybe Sonos One has the same silicon at the bottom?