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  • 27 January 2020
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(Copy of an email I just sent Sonos) 

Dear Sono 

I have an extensive Sonos system (read: spent a lot of money). No one at Sonos mentioned buying expensive stereo equipment that would go obsolete in a few years . I bought my 5 in February of 2019!!! 

You are thieves. . So now I have to replace my whole system so I don’t have to replace my whole system every few years?!!? (over ($4000)

I’m not sure you’re going to be able to get away with this crap. 

But I certainly intend to find out I am so angry I could spit . 

You need to send me a new 5 free of charge or replace my system with another brand that is more conscious and honest. 

I can’t believe this c—-.This was huge for me. I still have a turntable, receiver and reel to reel that I bought in the 70s that still function .  This is unbelievable. You should be ashamed 

Let’s see if I get a real human response

Mad as Hell, 


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4 replies

Any Play:5 you bought in 2019 was either a Gen 2, which is not legacy, or you bought it used.  The Play:5 Gen 1 has not been sold since 2015.

Which begs the question why are they selling me old models.? I registered in feb 2019 and so what if it is 2015?  My point is Why are they making $500 stereo equipment obsolete after 5 years when they never told anyone it would become obsolete. We didn’t agree to lease the equipment! Are we leasing this equipment? And either you are in the employ of Sonos or you’re oblivious to ethical standards. 


And it makes $4000 of new equipment useless if I don’t replace my play 5. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some legal action from someone 

I am a financial advisor and control many shares of SONOS. All shares will be sold and I predict this is the beginning of the end for them. Read some of the other post. I will warn investors on many forums and associations I belong to just what Sonos is doing. Very unethical in my view and totally dishonest. This is ridiculous. As stated above I have some stereo equipment that still functions after 40 years.  30% ! What a joke.


I think that we should do a Class action lawsuit. Against Sonos. Cell phones are updated for more than 5 years. This is crap.


we are an international firm. We follow Sonos. We have a strong buy on the company. I talked to the analyst that covers and he says Sonos CEO Patrick Spence admitted error of judgement. Be careful though . Spence couched the statement by saying they will support for as long as possible ( what does that mean?) he also says they will not abandon new speaker updates connected to older speakers ( 5 years old is old, what joke) 

so im paraphrasing and am willing to give Spence benefit of the doubt and kudos for responding to Customer’s legitimate outrage.

I would say if Sonos does not do right by their customers I will post Mr. Spence’s address and request letters be sent. I was also going to recommenced verified reviews on every product Sonos sells on Amazon and other sites discouraging purchase. I have other strategies if this is not accurate or if Sonos is  hiding their true intention for future punitive actions affecting their customers.

for now they get the benefit of the doubt and at least a nod for responding to customers righteous indignation and advice to Mr Spence… you can never  go wrong putting yourself in your customers shoes and forget about your yacht. It will come if you work hard to provide the best products at a fair price with the best service . Put yourself in our shoes, your money will follow. Also think ahead!

btw why hasn’t Sonos responded to their forum community? Very possible I missed it and if so my apologies.