Recommended music - other than classical and pop

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Is there any way to block a user on this spiffy new forum software? chicks costs me money every time he posts in here.


Man that one was sweet... what a voice!
Don't you use any of the streaming services?! She has many great albums out there...
I don't, which is a big part of the reason my collection is so big. I'm on the road a lot in the RV and WIFI signals into Sonos are generally lacking here in the States. Occasionally I get lucky in a park so Sirius suits. You're a big part of my spending spree for new music too.
Lol. In which case, kick off 2017 with Cyrus Chestnut on his Tribute to Duke Ellington Album. With Renee Rosnes on another piano, George Mraz on bass and Billy Drummond on drums. Finger snapping, toe tapping jazz.
Now stop that. 🆒
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Teardrop by Massive Attack
The Drugs by Mother Mother
Muddy Waters by LP
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Alice Coltrane on a track entitled Turiya and Ramakrishna. A brilliant workout for two Play 1's and the sub. Brilliant
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Quirk, TRUST and Sleepless by Flume
Paddling Out by Miike Snow
It's Strange (The Knocks Remix, Melvv Remix & Original) - Louis The Child
Comfortable (Oliver Nelson Remix) and Dancing With The DJ (Magic EP Version) by The Knocks
Get Down 2 Get Up by Mat Zo
Cape Town (Panama Remix) by Clubfeet
All I Need (Prince Fox Remix), Wait, Fiction and Last Night On Earth by Lemaitre

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Really appreciating Trio X of Sweden. A collection called Traumerei. Brings out the best of the 2 by 1's and the sub.
Kumar - haven't heard from you on this thread for a while. Anything to recommend?
Nothing recently released; but what is playing right now is Charlie Rouse/Unsung Hero. Track, Billy's Blues. Excellent album from the aptly named Rouse. Everyone talks of Monk, but Rouse is a large part of why many Monk's albums are classics.

Also, a newer album that is a classic piano trio: Hod O'Brien: Blue Alley sets. Excellent music, crisp recording with some splendid walking bass lines.
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Cheers - Will search it out and give it a try
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Sadly away from my system but will check it out later. Good to hear of other's discoveries!
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Sorry if this is slightly off topic but check out this article

Lots of alternative angles and suggestions by this guy Ben Ratliff. His book 'Every Song Ever' is a good read which leads to a lot of interesting explorations. I have no connections to the guy but can highly recommend the book and his thinking and musical connections
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Not sure if this helps, but Linn have three radio stations streaming at 320kbps MP3 - Linn Radio, Linn Classical and Linn Jazz. Linn Radio plays an eclectic range of music. The quality is excellent.
Good thread, Kumar. I'm always looking for new music to add to my collection... thanks for your list as today's springboard toward exploration.

I'm a fan of pretty much anything except pop... My goto stuff is usually vocals or instrumentals... Sinatra, Bennett, Mantovani... And the heavier on the strings the better. Huge jazz fan also... Sonny Rollins, Coltrane, Miles.

Yesterday's spin through Sonos on the patio was Mozart's Complete Piano Concertos.
Tribal Tech - Face First
Linn Radio, Linn Classical and Linn Jazz.
Yes, I listen to these when I am willing to give up control of what to listen to - excellent music on Radio and Jazz.
And the heavier on the strings the better. Huge jazz fan also... Sonny Rollins, Coltrane, Miles.

Good stuff that - most of it well known to folks so I did not refer to those. Recently discovered Charlie Byrd and Joe Pass - brilliant music.

Holy Vacants: Trophy Scars
Xavier Rudd: Solace
Levon Helm: Dirt Farmer
Robert Plant and Alison Kraus: Raising Sand
Harry Manx
Ali Farka Toure: Savane

Thanks - new to me and worth checking out except for AFT who I know. New Ancient Strings and Kaira by Toumani Diabate is also excellent music.
Ex-Wise Heads, celestial disclosure. Very chilled
If the above is to your tastes, these three are brilliant, I have found:
1. Ragas and Sagas - Garbarek and Hussain
2. Making Music - Zakir Hussain
3. Song for Everyone - Garbarek, Hussain, Gurtu
Garabarek on his own can be hard to digest, I have found, but I like him on these.
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