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Cheers - Will search it out and give it a try
Again in play the double album, Now's the time/Something in Common: Houston Person and Ron Carter. Some stolen sentences say it all:
"Some of the best jazz I've heard--just bass and saxophone by two masters. It's simple but beautiful and each song sends happy chills up your spine. Just listen to the amazing minor melody in "Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most," the soulfulness of "Since I Fell for You," and the great interplay and humor of "Mack the Knife."
Both are together on Just between Friends, and the 2016 recording Chemistry as well, but this double album captures them at their best together.
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Sadly away from my system but will check it out later. Good to hear of other's discoveries!
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Sorry if this is slightly off topic but check out this article

Lots of alternative angles and suggestions by this guy Ben Ratliff. His book 'Every Song Ever' is a good read which leads to a lot of interesting explorations. I have no connections to the guy but can highly recommend the book and his thinking and musical connections
Interesting, thank you. Somehow I have never developed an attachment for the ready made playlists available in their hundreds on Apple Music, preferring instead to build my own from albums available there.

Tribal Tech - Face First
Ex-Wise Heads, celestial disclosure. Very chilled
The Section
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This is a great thread. TY @Kumar and all the other participants.

This is removed from what I usually listen to (downtempo/ chill/ electronic and classical) so I am looking forward to exploring!

Very good thread cheers Kumar! Discovering great new music worth your ear is time consuming and this thread just cuts to the chase. I hope Sonos makes a way to share/ export playlist from its app, meanwhile here's a playlist:

Great thread thanks for all the recommendations!


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