playing Spotify and Tidal content in offline mode

  • 21 June 2017
  • 7 replies

Does anyone know if its possible to play your downloaded Spotify or Tidal content while in 'offline' mode mover Sonos? If not, any idea why not?

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7 replies

No. Such downloads are DRM protected. They can only be accessed by the service's native app. They have to be, in order to monitor the play count and report it for royalty purposes. Sonos is unable to read the files.
I believe that neither Spotify nor Tidal (or any other subscription streaming service) allows offline content to be played through directly third party systems like Sonos. If you have a Sonos component with a line in you can use the service's own app to play through that line in, either using a cable or a Bluetooth receiver.
Thanks for the answers. It makes sense. I thought Spotify might be the exception since you can actually play to Sonos directly from Spotify's native app but I guess not.
The Spotify connection is actually direct, between their servers and the Sonos players. The native app just tells the Sonos units what to do, in the same fashion as the Sonos controller.
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Hey. This problem can be solved ONLY if you have Play5 or CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP. Using Line-In you can connect any device to play offline content. I connected to my Play5 router AirPort Express and reproduce any content. More details about Line-In can be found here.
Thanks for the suggestion Calyptotis.