PianoDIsc with Sonos

  • 17 June 2017
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I am trying to connect my PianoDisc player to my Sonos system. I believe I have all of the correct cables connected in the correct manner, but when I try to play through Sonos, my Sonos speakers play the accompaniment music softly along with a loud whining sound (which the PianoDisc tech support individual says is the midi info trying to get to the piano), but the piano part does not play at all. Do you have any recommendations? I am using RCA cables from Audio Out on the PianoDisc player to the Audio In on the Sonos Connect, and then RCA cables from Audio Out on the Sonos Connect to the PianoDisc speakers located underneath the piano. Could the problem be that the Sonos connect needs to be a Sonos Connect:AMP?

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2 replies


Not familiar with a PianoDisc, but there's a couple of things that I'd like to address from your post. First, it does indeed sound like you've got the cables set up correctly, as near as I can tell. I'm wondering if shielded cables might get rid of the whining sound. Since I'm not familiar with the PianoDisc device, it's hard to tell about the speakers. Why are you connecting the Connect to the speakers on the PianoDisc? Doesn't it already have a connection of its own to them? Generally speaking, your connection from the out on the PianoDisc to the In on the Connect would then (after a slight delay for processing) then make the sound available on all Sonos speakers. There'd be no real need to connect the Connect to the speakers on the PianoDisc, just select Line-In and play the sound on your Sonos speakers.

Now, to the issue with the speakers on the PianoDisc....I'd be interested in a test. Try connecting a tape player, or DVD player to the speakers, using those cables, and see what sound happens. If the speaker has RCA inputs, it should be fine. However, if it's not an RCA jack to the speakers, it is indeed likely that it needs a non line-level input, i.e. not the same 'volume' as what you're getting out of the Connect, or Tape Deck, or DVD Player. If that's the case, then it might need a Connect:Amp.

I've looked at the PianoDisc website, and there's a bunch of items they offer, but none of them appear to have a speaker under the piano? Is the speaker you're talking about part of the PianoDisc offering, or is it a separate device? And if so, perhaps you might share what kind of speaker it is?
Hi, i am intruiged to know if you managed to get sonos working smoothly with pianodisc? I would like to set this up for my father who has a grand piano with the pianodisc system. I contacted pianodisc and they offered the following support;

'Thank you for contacting us. PianoDisc player system makes the piano keys move and produce the actual acoustic Piano sound to mimic the artists music. If there is any background audio with the piano playback such as symphony, live orchestration or vocal then that comes out of the one/two attached speakers to the L/R line out port on IQ control box. You can take that Line out and send the signals to the sonos system, to capture the Piano sound some kind of piano amp pickup need to be installed, then use a basic mixer to connect the pianoamp pickup out and speaker out and take the mixer out to the Sonos system. Please check the attached diagram for more information.'

Please let me know asap how you got on as i would be keen to set this up asap.