Laptop connect using hdmi and Aux cable

  • 11 December 2016
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I have a setup with a playbar connected to the tv. I want to connect my laptop to the tv to stream movies using an hdmi cable. I tried but there is no sound from my playbar.

My problem is that i have replaced my bose with a sonos system, but now i cant get sound the playbar.

My set up:
1) tv - playbar connected
2) laptop to be connected using hdmi cable for video and aux for sound.

Issue: there is no sound streaming from my playbar.

Look forward to hearing from the experts about a workaround,

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3 replies

Thank you very much for your replies. My setup on the laptop was incorrect. The hdmi wasnt carrying the audio. Its now in line and i am getting the sound from my playbar and sub. Thanks again
Good question from Max about the audio. Have you tried without the separate cable for audio? I would have expected the HDMI to carry both video and audio in this case.
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Hi DeepDey,

Sorry for the delay.
Do you get sound from the TV without the PLAYBAR connected? Also, is the laptop pushing the audio via the HDMI too?
Would you mind submitting a diagnostic and replying with the confirmation number? Here's an article explaining how: How to Submit Diagnostic