Just ordered a PlayBar, what's the first movie/song I should play on it...

  • 12 October 2016
  • 4 replies

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What will impress me the most ??
I know on the advert they say money by pink Floyd sounds amazing with all the coins floating around you...
What would you recommend ??

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4 replies

I would recommend not expecting to hear coins floating around you for one thing. It may be possible to achieve that, if you have a full surround setup and you're feeding a proper 5.1 signal to the Playbar but stereo on just a Playbar isn't going to give the same effect I wouldn't have thought.
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Are you saying the man from the advert lied ?! Ha, surely there would be some kind of virtual surround sound going on with the speakers pushing to the sides ? I have two play ones for the back if the PlayBar isn't as effective by itself though
Just tried it. I couldn't hear the sound of coins floating around me, but I did think I detected the sound of banknotes fluttering towards Sonos HQ.
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At 1.06 !!! Maybe he posts on here too, why would he lie ha, when i get home tonight and set it up I'm gonna be so disappointed aren't I now