Interview with Sonos' Patrick Spence - The Verge

  • 14 February 2017
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Here's an interesting article with some information on the Echo (and further) integration(s).

OK, so, it won't let me post the link.

Look for "The Verge" and "Patrick Spence". The article title is "How Sonos will take on Alexa and Google: by integrating them".

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8 replies

Wow, that's a lot of information on the future. I think we now know who was driving the extreme tight lippedness of Sonos culture all these years. ;)

Thanks for the link.
Hits the right notes for sure; but as the article says, execution will be key and, much more than needed in the past, success will need building/balancing partnerships with companies that are bigger players than Sonos.
Another pretty good "vision" piece.
Yes; it raises expectations of what will be present in even just the first phase of the echo integration though.
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Lot of names mentioned in those articles. I am going to figure out the email format SONOS uses and send emails with suggestions and questions to all of those guys.