Interesting interview with main product guy Millington, maybe sheds light on recent events

  • 22 January 2020
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With Sonos on my mind at the moment (!) I idly googled and found this:

Millington sounds a really great guy, but two things stood out:

#1 - "Personally, I'm incredibly proud of the fact that you can use the latest iPhone and our app to control a Sonos player that you bought back in 2005, and listen to Spotify, when none of those technologies even existed at the time."  [this was late 2018, so not long ago]

#2 - in another part of the forum here, someone mentioned he had just decided to sell 1/3 of his stock.

Possibly a coincidence, but having seen this happen before elsewhere, I wonder if it is a case of intelligent, experienced tech types like Millington having advised the bean counters and marketing wonks to go easy on rendering products ‘legacy’, but having been ignored - and now seeing the writing on the wall.

Millington clearly sees the importance of customer loyalty - even if his colleagues or superiors clearly don’t.

If Sonos move in a direction of not viewing themselves as ‘hi-fi’ ‘hi-end’ manufacturers and instead going with a low-cost, higher volume model, then the obsolescence thing is not so important. Otherwise it is going to be the disaster it is shaping up to be.

Such a shame - anyone reading this interview and noting the amount of expertise behind the brand all these years would be inspired and usually rush out to buy more. However with the threat of arbitrary ‘legacy’ shaming hanging over the brand now, I guess many people - myself included - would just head out either for Ikea kit, or ordinary speakers with some other ecosystem driving them.

Trust is such an expensive thing to lose, as trustworthy people such as Millington probably know all too well. The other Execs? - maybe not so much.

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