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When will there be support for Apple HomeKit ?

I've just watched the Apple WWDC and I'm wondering why I should stay with Sonos, now that apple have brought announced its own spa Ian awaness speaker. I think in light of this announcement it would...

Sonos ad oops

Hey Sonos! If you need someone to proof your ads before running them, I'd be happy to swap my time for products! Lol. Unless you really want people to think they will have "endless setup" when they pu...

Alexa in Canada

I have been stomped for days pondering about why Amazon has not release Alexa yet in Canada. I really hope it is not because of new privacy legislations that has been brought up. I probably am on the...

What's the best Bluetooth Wireless Speaker?

Hello, I am in search of a high quality Bluetooth speaker without the high price tag. Trying to stay away from Bose, beats by dre, and Sony for this reason. Looking for something similar to iPop which...

Sonos V HomePod

As good a start as any - assuming that it is indeed from the Sonos ex CEO, a cut/paste of his tweet, to kick off proceedings: "Got my HomePod. First impressions... Good packaging, easy setup. Great so...

Écouté sonos avec mes sonos.

Écouter youtube via votre tablette ou votre tv intelligente via le mode mirroir sur vos sonos.

Sonos One and marks on wooden surfaces

I think that I read somewhere that Sonos One speakers will leave marks on wooden surfaces similar to setting a wet glass on it. I've searched, but cannot find anything about it. Has anyone had that...

Spotify might be building a smart speaker of its own

Spotify might be building a smart speaker of its own Not having hardware is a handicap in the fight against Apple, Amazon and Google. Spotify appears to be working a smart speaker that it says will b...

Google Home, Alexa, Homepod and Sonos

I've been building my Sonos collection over the last few years, and am now interested in getting into the AI (if that's what it's called) game. My number one priority is continuing to use Sonos, but...

Stick With Sonos

OK so as an Apple fan I received my marching orders and ordered the Homepod. It arrived on Friday and ever since I've been trying really hard to like it...but I can't. The best description I ran acr...

Interesting Bang & Olufsen going to Open Source platforms?

BEOCREATE 4 CHANNEL AMPLIFIER COMPATIBLE WITH: RASPBERRY PI A+/B+/2/3/ZERO https://www.hifiberry.com/shop/beocreate/beocreate-4-channel-amplifier/ The Beocreate 4 channel amplifier is a very flexible...

Some clarification in Airplay 2 support please

We have a new Playbase, several Gen 1 Sonos Play:1's, a couple of Play:3's and a couple of Play:5's (Not the newest ones, bought a few years ago). Sonos have announced support for Airplay 2 on the Pl...

Google Assistant

Having recently received a Google Home Mini and begun playing spotify through it i naturally want to know what the options are to cast to my Sonos gear which i love. In my mind, i love both products,...

Sonos Ones or HomePod

I am deeply entrenched in the Apple ecosystem and am looking to start to move away from it (although I don't plan on eliminating their products, completely). What do folks think about my purchasing t...

Sonos Blog...

http://worldofsonos.com If you are interested...I've started regular posts and have a pretty good one today. This week/end I also plan to post an entry on different ways to handle storage and archivi...

Best Wireless Speaker 2018?

Don't keep my songs encased in my smartphone, How to set them free with a wireless speaker? I need a portable one.

What exactly does integration of Google Assistant mean?

A question or two/three to Sonos: Today, anyone that wants to use the Google Mini with ANY third party speaker has to also buy the CCA puck from Google. But since Sonos users have been given a way to...

Internet Radio

My wife and I listen to lots of internet digital radio on our Sonos products. We often come across songs on the radio that we wish we could search for on our subscribed music services such as Apple Mu...

Sonos in The Future

Future Viability

What do you recommend of Bluetooth wireless earburds?

Does anyone here own a pair of bluetooth wireless earbuds they could recommend to pair with iPhone, or avoid for that matter? When I say wireless, I mean no wires connecting the earbuds together. Whic...

A couple of comments about recent legal activity

I usually don't expect to come to this site to get a political message, but it was unavoidable, right on the home page. Sonos closed their store in support of protests against the elimination of "net...

Worth Upgrading with wireless speakers?

I have read a lot recently about wireless speakers and whether they are worth having a decent turntable set-up as the sound still has to be compressed. My question is this: I have a Rega Planar 1 turn...

Amazon Alexa or Google Home

To make Sonos work? Do we need to buy devices like Google Home mini or Amazon Echo. Or would it be enough to just have an account?And Sonos one replaces these devices??? Wil Google home work whit Son...

15 year anniversary, 15% discount

Sonos are celebrating their 15th anniversary with a 15% discount on all new products. The promotion begins today and ends on 15th September. The email I received this morning suggests the offer is val...

Finding the data from the Tuning in each room

Anyone know how to find the data from the tuning process of an individual room? I'm in the process of trying to get my acoustic treatment down pat, and any tangible data would be helpful.


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