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65,000 Library Limit

How many Sonos users out there have a music library that is greater than 65,000 tracks?

Bose Discontinuing Soundtouch

Was in BB the other day, checked the Bozo display. Noticed it had been completely updated, yet again. After three... three!!! generations of their miserable Soundtouch multi room system, they’re final...

Homepod vs Sonos

Picked up a Homepod over the weekend. No comparison to my Sono's system...in fact it has made me fall in love with my Sonos all over again. Whoever said that the Homepod is a Play5 killer is on crac...

Alexa Siri integration video request

I don’t have a Sonos One yet. I would love for someone to post a video on say YouTube demonstrating starting a song from Apple Music through AirPlay 2 or Siri from an Apple device and then controlling...

Where are buzz, ratty, majik...and others of their ilk?

I don't see these unpaid forum stalwarts anymore and I miss their posts. In my early days here, and even later, I learnt a lot from their posts on various issues related to both Sonos and home audio i...

Amazon Alexa amplifier, receiver, subwoofer

This is getting very interesting. With the addition of Alexa Cast, which IME works better than Chromecast, and certainly better than AirPlay, Amazon is building quite a system. Obviously they don’t...

The fading promise of Google integrations, considering dumping the Sonos Ones and going back to Play 1's

With the latest Verge interview with Sonos CEO. I am feeling that sonos will fail to deliver on Google integration let alone a google skill this year. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/hig...

The Apple TV is finally getting Dolby Atmos support - Maybe now SONOS will make a stride for it.

Soon on June 6th we will know what is the current SONOS understanding on accepting other codecs. Apple TV has just announced that it will have DOLBY Atmos, since, SONOS said that one of the reasons fo...

Greetings from Palma de Mallorca SPAIN

Hi everybody, I´m glad to be a part of this great forum I´m a lover of sonos products and the special sound of the speakers

Streaming lyrics

why are there no streaming lyrics?

Do Apple Music Streams Count for Charting

If I stream through Apple Music on my Sonos, does it count for streams? I want to make sure I'm supporting smaller artists and helping my favorite artists climb the charts.

NETGEAR Debuts the World’s First Mesh WiFi System with Alexa Built-In Smart Speaker and Audio by Harman Kardon

Um, what? Which part of this qualifies as “World’s First”? Mesh WiFi? Sonos has had that for 15 years. Alexa? Nope. Audio by HK? Samsung subsidiary now, hardly a big deal. https://www.nasdaq...

Development of a rechargeable wireless speaker.

I would love to see Sonos develop a wireless rechargeable speaker that can be taken out on a deck where a plugged in version is not an option. This would be great to be able to have a flexible zone th...

Wireless Headphones / Earphones

Random question! But I was wondering what headphone/earphone devices people use that sound most similar to Sonos sound? My friends recommend the Apple AirPods but I don't find the sound as good and I...

Meet the Man Who's Building Sonos' Audio Internet

Great article in Wired. https://www.wired.com/story/sonos-nick-millington-exclusive-interview/

Comparative tear down of Amazon Echo Plus and Sonos One

Interesting read here: https://blog.bolt.io/what-cracking-open-a-sonos-one-tells-us-about-the-sonos-ipo-dcab49155643

Sonos Going Public

investment interest

Hey Siri not finding Louge with beam

Hey Siri worked very well , once I realised I needed to speak to the phone and not the Sonos. Then I bought the beam , create a surround set up and named it lounge. And now Siri will not find it. Tel...

Sonos IPO?

May be in the works. http://variety.com/2018/digital/news/sonos-ipo-plans-1202745164/

Start a conversation, ask a question or share your idea

Start a conversation, ask a question or share your idea

Playlist sync

Arguably one of the best things sonos has going for it is the fact that it integrates so well with so many different music sources. Still listening to all of these sources can make tracking music you...

Awesome Experience

Big Kudos to the development and executive team at Sonos. The experience has been truly terrific. I recently added another speaker and was pleased with how simple the installation/addition has becom...

Qnap cinema 28 application and Sonos

I came across this new Qnap application and i was amazed !! It controls all my Sonos devices with no issues so far.. You just drag and Drop the music you want on the devises it discovers and.. voila!!...

Spence interview with The Verge

https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/15/17465084/sonos-ceo-vergecast-interview-google-assistant-siri-atmos Third party audiophile speakers, IKEA, Onkyo...

Google Home Max vs Sonos 5

Google has announced their Home Max speaker. That thing looks like a direct copy of the PLAY:5. No one knows how it compares sound-wise. We'll see when it launches next year. My worry is: Google...


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