IMPORTANT: Links in Signatures

  • 9 August 2009
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This is a friendly warning. We've been getting quite a few posts from new users who are really spammers and who are including links to their sites in their signatures.

If we find posts from new users with this kind of link it will result in an immediate and permanent ban from these forums regardless of the content of the post.

If you are a genuine new user, be careful what you put in your profile in case you accidentally get caught by this policy. If in doubt ask one of the moderators. Bear in mind that the primary reason for being on this forum should always be to be a part of the community, to read others posts and contribute your own. Anyone whose primary reason for being here is to have an advert in their signature is not welcome. The only people who should be genuinely unhappy with this policy are spammers.

Exempt from this policy are links to non-advert home pages, online profiles (e.g. LastFM) and dealer links where Sonos or a moderator has given express approval. This shouldn't impact any genuine or existing contributors at all.

Any questions, drop me a PM.



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