how to check the delivery status. Livraison

  • 6 September 2018
  • 1 reply

have you any experience concerning the delivery?
What means Shipment confirmed? Why i can't have a tracking number?
I am in France i have ordered my Sonos Wednesday afternoon and i still don't have a tracking number.

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1 reply

I do have a similar problem - first order of Beam with MasterCard probably didn't went through, because no money were charged from my account. I have contacted support and they told me that don't see the order in system and I should make new order. That was on Tuesday/Wednesday.
So I made new order on Wednesday with payment via Paypal - money are staying authorized on Paypal and my order have status 'Processing'/'Dispatch Acknowledged'.
I guess it's normal for non-priority orders to take more claimed 1/2 days. Hopefully it will arrive soon 🙂