Free Sonos Play 1 with Vodafone Home broadband

  • 2 September 2017
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I noticed that Vodafone are currently offering free gifts when you sign up to their home broadband.

As I rarely use my Virgin Tivo box anymore due to the availabilty of programmes on BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub etc and by switching to Freeview for live terrestial TV viewing I can quite happily do without it.

So I've decided to take the plunge and signed up for Vodafone 76mb unlimited broadband, I've heard mixed reviews about their service, but to be honest virtually all the ISP's get mixed reviews on the comparison sites.

Hopefully I won't regret leaving Virgin, as to be fair their service has been excellent, but I can get slightly faster download and much faster upload speeds compared to Virgin, and will save approx £200 per year.

( The virgin retentions team really couldn't save me much money, maybe I'd have got a better deal as a new customer! )

I've still got my Virgin package, and if the Vodafone service is poor in the first 30 days then I do at least have a chance to cancel.

The Vodafone router looks pretty interesting, it even has it's own app to configure it, one aspect I don't like is that apparently Vodafone don't allow their router to be used in Modem only mode, which is what I currently do with my Virgin router, so I'm hoping that their router proves to be decent, or that plugging in my router to an ethernet port one give me too many issues ( double NAT! )

Not sure if I will still be eligibile for the Play 1 though :D

Has anyone else got Vodafone Home Broadband?

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6 replies

Hey There!

I recently made the switch from Virgin to Vodafone (mainly for the Free Sonos Speaker!)

Apart from a slight setup delay (Open reaches fault not Vodafone's) I have found it to be great! on the 76mb/s I get roughly 50mb/s/

Also a plus, I have found you can connect multiple Units via Ethernet with Vodafone as it has the Spanning Tree Protocol, unlike the virgin route I had.

Just remember it uses phone line not the cable so box might have to be placed else where!
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Having had Vodafone home Broadband for several weeks now I'm generally pretty happy with it.

I live about half a mile from my local exchange and get around 55-60mb speed, with around 15mb upload.

I've completed the online form and selected a black sonos play 1, now got to wait to see if it arrives!

My solution for replacing the Tivo box is an Apple TV with a HDHomerun connect tuner and the Channels app for live tv and dvr, it works beautifully, I initially tried using an Nvidia Shield TV and the Plex live tv and DVR service but had nothing but problems.

It cost me about £275, plus an $8 per month tv guide subscription, but in a couple of years it will have paid for itself and it's much nicer to use than my old Tivo box ( i didn't have the newer v6 box ).

If I choose to sell the Play 1 that would pay for around two thirds of that cost, but I may keep it and use it as a bedroom speaker.
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My free Sonos Play 1 form Vodafone arrived today, I must admit I was a bit dubious that I'd ever receive it, but it's now in the bedroom replacing an aging alarm clock radio 🙂
Hi can I ask how long you waited on yours? Thanks ?
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Well I first signed up to Vodafone Broadband on. 27th August, and then had to wait for the cooling off period and then apply for my free gift and wait for it to arrive.

It's a long winded process but worth it in the end.
I've also been completely satisfied with the Vodafone broadband which is great, as I wasn't sure how good it would be, although I think much of that is down to the quality of your BT line and how close you are to your local exchange.
How long from you ordered it to it’s arrival? I ordered mine 30 days ago but haven’t received an email etc saying it’s been despatched yet? Just wondering how long roughly delivery took after you ordered your speaker. Thank you