Finding the data from the Tuning in each room

  • 27 December 2017
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Anyone know how to find the data from the tuning process of an individual room? I'm in the process of trying to get my acoustic treatment down pat, and any tangible data would be helpful.

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5 replies

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Not sure what you intend to do with this data even if you could get it. The only API I can see is RenderingControl.GetRoomCalibrationStatus but it just returns booleans as to whether it has been done on a device or not.
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I’m pretty sure recording and processing is all done within your i-device, which will only send an updated equalizer setting to the zone player. The zone play most likely doesn’t have any data stored relating to the microphone measurements. It might even be that the measurements and adjustment data are discarded by the Sonos App as soon as the new settings have been stored on the zone player.
Why do you think so? Is it not equally likely that all the i-device is doing is feeding data to the play units? Which also could be why the Connect/Connect Amp do not do Trueplay, for not having the grunt built in to do this.

On the OP question, before version 8 did away with a lot of visible information in the matrix, all that was available was the extent of correction carried out, as a number. I recall that my decently located play 1 had a number of 5 while a set up with Sub in a corner had a number of 14.9. But that is all one ever knew about it.

As far as acoustic treatment and speaker placement is concerned, if one is into that, the correct approach is to use the existing knowledge base on how this is done for home audio in general, and thus minimise the need for Trueplay tuning to do anything more than small tweaks.

Using Trueplay to deal with speakers placed behind curtains is just Sonos marketing and not the recommended approach for speaker placement.
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Kumar, I just very much doubt that the Sonos devices have enough processing power for this task. Any iDevice can process this easily.
Connect and Amp shouldn’t have this option anyway since Sonos doesn’t know what baseline they are looking for in terms of frequency response - all attached speakers could be very different.
But for calibration inputs, the mic is hearing the sound from the specific attached speakers in terms of their unique interaction with the room, depending on where they are placed in it. They could just as well be third party units, the DSP algorithm does not care who has made them. That is all that any room response DSP needs for room response tuning and I doubt that Sonos needs are any different. Of course, the Sonos units in question need to have the grunt to do the necessary DSP. Which I suspect the Connect/Connect Amp lack.