Feature Request: Add audio book controls to button set

  • 2 September 2018
  • 2 replies

1. Please consider adding a couple of more buttons on the playback button bar to enable audio book listeners to better control their listening experience. Minimally add a -15 and a +15 (seconds) button on each side of the pause button. 2. Make the timeline MORE granular so that you can slide the control to smaller increments more easily. Right now, it's almost impossible to control. 3. Add a playback speed pull-down so that the user can select .5x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x 1.75x and 2x. Please see attached photo for a sample of good controls for listening to audio books.

I can't believe Sonos didn't add this feature years ago. Doesn't anyone at Sonos use the system to listen to audio books? If so, they would greatly desire these controls.

If you are worried about pure audio listeners being confused or burdened by these extra controls, create an option in settings that allows the user to select which audio controls they would like to use: 1) pure audio, or 2) audio + audio books. That way users who never listen to audio books would not have to see the extra controls.


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2 replies

You can cast to Sonos from inside the Audacity app, and from any other audio book app on iOS to Sonos via Airplay.
Thanks for the suggestion. I don't have all the Apple devices needed or the desire to do the 15 steps required every time I want to play an audio book to set up AirPlay. I just want to go into my Sonos app on my phone or computer, select the book I want to listen to and click Play. Just like music. The extra controls would assist in rewinding for forwarding short segments that most audio book players have.