Eero Device Index

  • 10 November 2017
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eero device index

Think of eero’s device index as a catalog of top WiFi connected devices for the home. Each report, we’ll update the top 40 devices attached to eero networks to track the popularity of connected devices over time. Below are the most popular devices on eero networks.

Grrrr. Stupid autocorrect! Can't change title now, sigh.

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2 replies

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Solid find, thanks for the share! I've corrected your title in the meantime 🙂
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Wow... Third most popular device type connected to Eero routers.

They contradict themselves though. First they say "Top WiFi devices"... then they say "top 40 devices connected to Eero networks"... the latter could be including wired devices too (i.e. Boost mode/SonosNet), where the first wouldn't. 🙂