Communications from Sonos - a choice of language would be nice

  • 11 February 2016
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I would like to see an option in the Sonos website and Customer database (as they surely have at least one) where we could provide our choice of language for e-mails etc.

Although I live in France, I would prefer to receive communication in English - especially for beta versions, but even marketing material and news.

I am sure that there are others who might prefer a different language and not that simply based on where they currently live.

2 replies

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Hi Greenl,

We are looking into this. You can be sure that I will forward your suggestion for you. Let us know if you have any other questions we can help with.

Count me in on this one please, Max. I really don't see the point about all that localisation stuff. Give people a choice on the language they want to receive email etc in and not bluntly go Dutch on me. I have already complained about this issue, but that got nowhere. Not surprised really.

Yes, Dutch is my native language, but my better half is from ze UK and just about everything here in my place is set to The Queen's English. Which is what I'm used to and prefer.

On top of that I don't see the problem for Sonos here. I mean, those mostly marketing emails are sent in English to large parts of the world, so they already exist. Why then can't I chose the English version?