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  • 10 November 2017
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Hello everybody! I just got myself my second play 5 and I'm really loving the sound besides the music. I was wondering if any of you can recommend albums or songs on any style of music that really stand out on recording and sound. Thanks!

5 replies

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Hi Carlos - I had the same question when I first got my Sonos - and I found the below article from Cambridge Audio was a great starting point - and is supported by a Spotify playlist - enjoy
Great! This sounds like just what I've been looking for, thanks Marto! I've noticed most of Pink Floyd albums and Allan Parsons Project's sound great too. Hopefully more people can pitch in with their opinions so we can have a wide variaty of great sounding tracks to listen to. Saludos!
You can get music that will display the quality of Sonos from any genre that you like. And in each, there are countless such examples. For just one genre that is mostly about Jazz although the title doesn't say that exactly, see:

If you like Blues, check out a recent discovery of mine: Different Shades of Blue, Joe Bonamassa. Or his Blues of Desperation.
Also, don't fall into the trap of thinking that streaming services don't offer good quality and restrict your choices to less than 1 out of the 100 available. All the music I like that I have in lossless CD rips and much more that I do not own, sounds just as good from Apple Music/Google Play.
Thanks very much for your advise Kumar, I going to have a great time going thru that thread, jazz being one of my favorite genres, and surely will be checking more streaming services. ......Can't wait to get my hands on the subwoofer for christmas!