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  • 24 December 2005
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nuff said.
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$349 is what the page said.
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I'll be seriously bugeting for a ZP80 + ZP80 and two controllers so I can purchase the equiptment as soon as it is available.

"Leaks" like this truly excite consumers. SONOS listens. That is one of the reasons for the customer loyalty.

Great products, great support, great forums are the keys to success.
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I love my Sonos, and I love looking forward to the next innovations. It just drives me a little nuts that Sonos tells us what is happening in the form of little leaks here and there as opposed to just telling us. I guess it adds to the allure to get these little bite sized pieces to put together. So, Sonos, just what other enhancements does version 1.3 have, or do I have to wait for more rumors and leaks?;)
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Yes, it seems one would prefer to manage the message rather than allow third party rumor sites put their spin on upcoming products.

Once the horse was out of the barn, rather than close the barn doors Sonos should have said: "Well it's not the way we planned to announce it but here's the full scoop on the upcoming ZP80. It will be priced at $399.95 and we'll ship it in the first quarter."

Yes, it may have tempered a few sales, but the customer base would probably be buying even MORE units now having a way to mix and match Zone Players.

Sonos has great products and they listen to their customers. They could have made lemonade out of the lemons of having a third party site steal a small bit of their thunder. They could have made this ("We Listen, We Deliver") a real public relations coup. Oh well, maybe next time.

I'm Jazzed about the ZP80 and will be prepared to purchase one when it's available.
I know that I'd like to know what 1.3 will bring. No harm in posting that info (as it wouldn't cut into sales).

See ya,
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So according to Engadget, Sonos announced the ZP80 today:
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As well as the expected functions it looks like the new ZP80 will support "Audible"? What is that? Is that the virtual "books on tape" type service? ...and if so, what if you have a mixed network of ZP80s and ZP100s? Will the 100s play the Audible content?
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As well as the expected functions it looks like the new ZP80 will support "Audible"? What is that? Is that the virtual "books on tape" type service? ...and if so, what if you have a mixed network of ZP80s and ZP100s? Will the 100s play the Audible content?

It's been around for a while and is a site where you can buy and download audiobooks. I've used them for years (I started way back when on an old Rio flash MP3 device) and love it. You can just buy and download a la carte or subscribe to a service that gives you access to a number of books and periodicals (they do newspapers and magazines too) per month.

They have some DRM built-in to limit how many devices you can "authorize" for playback of purchased content (I think it's 3 computers- they support Mac and PCs - and 3 portable devices). Additionally, the format they use is proprietary (files are ".aa") so they require specific compatability. iTunes has supported the format for a while now. It would appear that the audible format compatability is a feature in the upcoming 1.3 version of the Sonos software so it should work on the ZP100 as well as the ZP80 once that new software is rolled out.

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That makes sense - after thinking about it I realized that we should be expecting a software upgrade soon - cool.
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I'm somewhat saddened that Sonos has been scooped once again by engadget.

If you read the comments on this link:

You will get the full low down of the ZP-80's capabilities.

Seems a shame that Sonos (though they appearently did announce) did not come out to their loyal customer and forum base with all flags flying and trumpets blaring and make a huge show of how they DO *listen* to their fans and DO *deliver* Here's a thought for a promotional headline:

"Our Customers are not the only ones who listen... We do too!"

If they would open up their web pages on this site then we wouldn't have to wait with baited breath for third party sites to provide the news we seek about a product that we love.

C'mon Sonos, the time has come to strut your stuff.
AWESOME!!! I have been waiting for this for a while. The digital out is so nice. I can now use my outboard DAC. Cant wait to order it and another controller as well! Merry Christmas 2006 to me!

I wonder if SONOS will offer a pre-order deal for us loyal users? Something like free shipping or 15% off would be a nice way to get quick sales and to reward the users, many of whom have been around since the early days.
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No Sub-Woofer out. Is that going to be an issue?


It shouldn't be.

The ZP80 is designed to connect to an external amp (it has no internal amp and no speaker connections). Therefore if you want to use a subwoofer, you need to connect it to the subwoofer out on your amp (if it has one).
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This seems to be a typical release strategy for some electronics manufacturers. Anyone who is familiar with Canon will know that they like to announce their new digital SLRs by "leaking" specs and photos a couple of weeks before the real announcement. They've done it with the last few new models. Nikon also like to do something similar.

I think it's supposed to build interest for the real announcement. But I suspect it's just bad marketing advice.
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Perhaps someday they'll actually use the "Announcements" thread. 😃
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By mentioning the coffee maker, you have set about an entire commotion about this new customer feature.

Oh the poor Sonos team, will they ever be able to satisfy all the requests that their users make?

I concur wholeheartedly that THANKS are in order to Sonos for the wonderful job they are doing with their products.

I'm with you, as soon as that add to cart button shows up, I'm pressing it. 🙂
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So will I be able to choose how the beans get ground from the controller? Grande latte with 1 sugar, and extra foam please.
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When will Sonos support DeCaf???

Regular is fine in the mornings but many of us users prefer decaf at night.

Will ZP80(version 1.01) provide decaf support? 🙂 🙂 🙂

I'm just giddy with Joy over the ZP80 announcement. Does it show???
Did you get the email about the software update? It also mentioned the new ZP -- Sonos must have heard the buzz.:D

No price yet, but should be available in the spring.
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The ZP80 press release is posted on the Sonos site under "news & reviews" with all the details. Price is $349.
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Perhaps someday they'll actually use the "Announcements" thread. :D

I did! I did! Thanks for the reminder. :)

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ZP80 at CES from Engadget ...