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  • 2 December 2023
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Can I get some advice on swapping Playbases, my system has been stable for many years and I don’t want to break it now?

Is it just a case of adding it into the app and deleteing the old one, and will I have to retune the remote?

Thanks for any assistance.




Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 2 December 2023, 14:35

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4 replies

Yes, but this all depends if you have any ‘other’ Sonos products?

Assuming you do have other devices… then, unbond/remove any surrounds & Sub and it’s often helpful, but optional, to rename the old Playbase ‘room’ to something different. Then if practical, factory reset the old Playbase product (if necessary) ready to sell, or recycle etc. Don’t do this though if you intend to keep it and use it elsewhere in the home (important).

Next, it’s a good idea to fully close the Sonos app and to power off all your Sonos devices and then bring them back online one at a time, that helps the setup to forget the old Playbase. If it does ever show up again, then just see if the App lets you hide it.

Next, open the Sonos App to see all your other Sonos devices and then power on your new Playbase and add it to your system via ‘Settings/System/Add Product’. Give it the same original name as your old Playbase and then setup the remote control using ‘Settings/System/[Playbase Name]/TV Remote’ and also add any surrounds and Sub to it, same as before, if required.

If you do not have any other Sonos devices, then you are best to take a slightly different route and this will also depend if your old Playbase is still functioning, or not. So just post back if that’s the case.

Thanks for the step-by-step instructions Ken,

Yes, I have plenty of Sonos throughout the house, I’ll report back when the new one arrives. The old one will be given to a family member.



If you have any issues, or questions during the swap-over, then just post back here and I’ll do my best to assist asap. I’m in the UK too, so will likely be around to answer any questions posted here straight away, that’s if I’m not driving etc.🤞

Swapping out a Sonos Playbase can be done smoothly. First, add the new Playbase in the Sonos app under "Settings" > "System" > "Add Product," and ensure it's on the same network. Once added, remove the old Playbase by going to "Settings" > "System" > "Select the old Playbase" > "Remove" or "Delete." If you use Trueplay tuning, run it again for the new Playbase under "Settings" > "Room Settings" > "Select the new Playbase" > "Trueplay." Additionally, check and reconfigure the remote settings in "Settings" > "Room Settings" > "Select the new Playbase" > "Remote Control Setup." Confirm that the new Playbase is part of any desired speaker groups and has the settings you prefer. This should integrate the new Playbase without disrupting your existing Sonos system. Always refer to the latest Sonos documentation for any updates in the setup process.