Surrounds Beam + 2xOne

  • 20 December 2020
  • 5 replies

I’ve tried multiple times to connect my Beam with the One’s Pair but no success.

Beam is connected with a ethernet cable and to TV with HDMI. One’s are in a Stereo Pair on Sonos Wireless.

When i try to set up the surround on Beam I get  the message that no products were found.

Diagnostic number: 1473272352

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5 replies

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You can group the speakers that are in different rooms, so they play the same source. But to have surround speakers in a different room to the front speakers is not a setup I’ve ever seen. Are you trying to create a Dolby Digital 5.x system?

Yes the pair is in a room and the beam in another room. But it should work, or not?!

What are the prerequisit to create the surround? Should I have the one’s not configured on the current system?

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Have you got the stereo pair set up as a room? If so, the system is probably looking for un-allocated speakers and is correctly reporting it can’t find any. 

But then the one’s will not work anymore, right?!

All 3 devices are shown to be connected as WM: 0.

You haven’t by any chance turned off the WiFi on the Beam because you connected it with the ethernet cable, have you?