Sonos surround setup disappear from app everyday!

  • 12 June 2021
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I have a Eero mesh network and have tried the troubleshooting steps above, putting the mesh network into bridge mode but my living room setup (beam, sub and 2x one SL) still disappears from the sonos app everyday! At least once A day I have to search for missing products or update the network on my living room surround setup so that it returns to the app. 
This has been ongoing for about a month now, nothing has changed on my network. As a worst case scenario, yesterday I factory restored the whole living room and still the living room disappears from my app. 

please help!!


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3 replies

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I switched my high speed Internet router last month and just could not get Sonos to set up properly - all my devices went missing from the app. The new router uses 10.0.0.x range rather than the 198.168.0.x range and it was a little painful getting all my devices even non Sonos to get a proper new address, but they all show up fine in the router now. I have the Arc, Sub, and a pair of One for the back. 


The other thing I did at the same time was switch my lg c7 OLED TV to WiFi as well. Today I noticed that the Sonos devices are showing up on the tv input menu!  I'm going to try changing the tv back to Ethernet and disabling its WiFi to see if that helps. I was out of town for a couple of weeks so I haven't had a chance to fight with this again and today my internet is down which isn't helping either. I did notice a recommendation for separate bands with separate SSID - that was in fact my old routers setup but the new one is using the same for both bands. I'll also see if that is possibly ask issue. 


It is very frustrating how the app works though - forgetting speakers, detaching them from rooms, etc. I actually did briefly have all the speakers in the app and even did the room tuning etc. 5 minutes later they had all disappeared again!  I can see how you may lose connection, or there's an issue with something interfering, but why the app forgets everything I have no clue. Of course it also forgot my YouTube, Google, Prime etc. Good grief. 

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What router are you using? Are you able to directly connect the Beam to the main router with an ethernet cable?

What router are you using? Are you able to directly connect the Beam to the main router with an ethernet cable?

I’m using a Eero mesh network in Bridge mode according to this thread (



I will connect it via Ethernet tomorrow