Sonos beam HDMI ARC issues on samsung qled 65" port already in use

  • 29 November 2023
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Hello there. new on the forum and have a question I am hoping you can answer, since we had a disappointing evening of unboxing our new Sonos Beam and Minisub. We have a samsung qled 65” Q90R. TV with a native samsung hub consisting of 4 hdmi ports and one optical, of which only hdmi port 3 is Arc. The hdmi arc port is already in use by the Cable Tv box which apparently also requires arc. I tried the using the hdmi to optical adapter with beam, connected it first to the TV Hub, then to the playstation console and finally to the Cable TV box. changed the sound settings to output auto or optical, depending on the options. In all cases the short samsung remote control does not control the Volume. is there available a splitter for hdmi arc, a multiport arc hub option or a firmwsre fix?


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4 replies

Sorry, you’re misinformed, the Cable TV box does not require connection to the ARC port, but the Sonos does. If you switch the cables around, I expect you’ll be much happier. Any input should be on the other HDMI inputs, the Sonos should be on the ARC labeled port. You can then ditch the optical connection completely. 


thanks, it worked the second time





I just received my Beam and Mini-sub and when I hooked it up, the volume now drops from wherever I place it down to 15 within seconds.  Unplugged the HDMI Arc and it still does it when I play music with pandora.   Please advise.  I have not dug deep into the forum just yet, but thought you may be able to answer directly. Thanks, Aron

I’m not 100% sure I understand the phrase ‘place it down’ in your post. If you mean ‘adjust the volume in the Sonos app’, my guess is that you have some sort of wifi interference getting in the way of the communication between your controller and the speaker.