Sonos Beam Gen2 Placement

  • 20 November 2022
  • 2 replies

I’m looking into purchasing the Sonos Beam Gen2 Soundbar. I noticed in the manual that it should have 30 cm of room on each side. Given my room layout, would it be good to place the soundbar on the edge of my TV cupboard, marked blue? I understand that side-firing speakers should have enough room and not be blocked by the wall. I think that if they were on the edge, the side wall (44 cm) would not block the side speaker.



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2 replies

Thanks for the reply. It would definitely be centered with the TV set, I was just worried that the 44 cm wall would block the side speaker


My primary conern here is - would the side wall affect the sound? My idea was to just put the soundbar in front of the TV, on the stand.


Since it contains the center channel, in addition to the front left and front right channels, it should be ‘under’ the TV set. 

The more space you can give it so it’s not hard up against that side wall, the better….but if it’s too far from the center of the screen, it will feel ‘odd’ to you, perhaps unconsciously, until your brain adapts.