Sonos Beam disrupts the TV picture periodically with black out of TV

  • 16 April 2023
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My Beam Gen 2 causes the tv to blackout for a couple of seconds periodically (every 10-30 seconds). I have a TV box plugged into the HDMI port of the tv, and the Beam is connect via HDMI Arc to the tv. I have checked to ensure the tv has the latest updates. All HDMI cables are high speed cables. I’ve also tried unplugging the tv for several minutes, and the beam. When the Beam is disconnected the TV works perfect with no blackouts. The same issue happens if I switch the HDMI connections. I ran a diagnostics test and reference number is 1450731502. 


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6 replies

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Hi @J-Man11, welcome to the Sonos Community!

The Beam shouldn’t cause the TV to black out at all, it doesn’t send any picture information to the TV. The screen blacking out either means the TV lost signal to what it was playing or it has swapped to a source that doesn’t have anything connected or a source that cannot provide picture.

It’s possible the TV is trying to automatically switch its source to the HDMI port the Beam is connected through after it receives a signal from the Beam. I’d recommend checking your TV manual or reaching out to your TV manufacturer to see if this is a setting you can change or prevent.

I hope this helps!

This happens to me too! I’m on a Sony Bravia and I thought it was my tv so I bought a new tv!!!! I tried the old tv again and it worked but then when I added the beam again the same black screen…. It will kind of go back and come back every minute or so.

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Does this als happen when the TV box isn’t connected?

Do you mean the cable box? I tested it in another room without the Sonos and it works fine.

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What TV are we talking about here? What is the source device?

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I meant the settopbox from your TV provider - if you, like TS, have one. Does the problem also occur when you disconnect it?