Sonos beam bluetooth

  • 11 December 2020
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I have just bought Sonos Beam.


In Mediamarkt says has Bluetooth but I can't connect with Android TV Box by Bluetooth. 




Thanks in advance


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5 replies

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It has Bluetooth, just not of any use to you. It gets used only during setup.


Blame the retailer for being misleading.

Thanks @Belly M .... then I have a problem... I can't connect to Xiaomi Android TV... audio out is jack 3,5😭😭😭

Is that a very old TV? Almost unthinkable that a TV manufactured in the last few years would have neither HDMI-ARC nor optical

It's for a Projector. Not TV.

I view from Xiaomi TV Box

Then you don't want to use audio out from the projecror,  that would be rubbish.

You need to run HDMI from the box to the projector to carry the video, and optical from the box to the Beam via the supplied adapter to carry the audio.

You may need an HDMI switch / audio extractor