Sonos ARC surround system without WIFI

  • 6 October 2020
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Hi Sonos community


I have a poor/zero wifi connection in my room and wanted to connect with a wired system. Pleast let me know if this is a possible set up for the Sonos Arc surround package. The situation is: I have a wired ethernet connection/port into my room from the router in the main house.



Convert this singe ethernet port into multiple ports with a switch e.g. TP link TL-SG105

Sonos ARC connected via ethernet to swtich, and ARC HDMI To TV Hisense N7 series (which is also connected to router via the switch)

Connect Sonos Sub and SL One to Sonos ARC network WITHOUT wifi

Play TV with this Sonos surround system 


I understand i wont be able to control Sonos wireless e.g. on mobile app for music purposes which is fine as this is temporary until i move into a home with better wireless setup. 


A wifi range extender wont work for my room.

Looked into a mesh network but my room almost gets almost zero wireless connectivity so not sure if this will work. 

Spoke to someone about another wireless router in my room with the exisitng ethernet port and they said it was tricky creating a new gateway and may mess up the network IDs or something. 


I’m a wireless/networking newbie, but the ideal scenario would be something simple plug and play that can connect to the ethernet port in my room that allows the TV/SONOS unit to connect to it via wired ethernet too, but also have wireless capability so that I can control Sonos with mobile app wirelessly. 


Thank you for your help!

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It looks to me you should connect an acces point with wireless capability to the wired ethernet connection. You could then either connect the Arc wired or wireless to that. The One SL's could then also be connected wirelessly and then bonded to to the Arc (via the Sonos 5Ghz connection for surround) - so do not close the wifi on the Arc.

This would also make it possible to command the system with your phone connected to the same wifi.