Sonos Arc + sub mini + 2 era300 with 7.1ch problem



I am using Sonos Arc with Sub Mini and 2 sonos era300 as surround system but I cannot seem to get 7.1ch in any streaming movie such as netflix, disney plus and amazon prime.

dolby atmos content plays without any problem and it shows dolby atmos on the sonos app too.

have been trying to look for any shows with 7.1ch via google search but nothing came out so I also cannot really make sure whenever if the actual issue is with the streaming video file or not.

the sonos app also only shows 5.1ch even when playing PS5 console with Amplifier 7.1 surround settings (audio priority is Dolby) and I also check the in game audio setting is set to 7.1 speaker setting.

the TV that I use is LG CX and the HDMI eArc is also set to Passthrough.

Could it be that I need to use sub gen 3 to bring the 7.1ch? or is it actually the problem with the TV limitation?

Restarting the whole speaker by unplugging and plugging back the power also did not do anything. (Also waited for a few minutes before plugging back power and another few minutes before re-opening app and watching movie again)


Thank you very much for reading and I really hope that someone could help me to clear this matter.



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As far as I know, all of the major streaming services only stream in 5.1 or Dolby Atmos audio. The only service that streams some content in 7.1 is VUDU.

On the PS5, try setting Audio Format (Priority) to Linear PCM instead of Dolby when gaming.

You can also find some native 7.1 content on Blu-ray disc.

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I have exactly the same issue with Sonos Arc + 2 Era 300 + Sub Gen 3. On PS5 I only get at best Dolby Digital 5.1 setting Dolby. If I set to PCM, then I only get stereo. my TV is a Samsung Q90T with eARC on and set to passthrough. When playing Blu-ray I get Atmos TrueHD. Using auto will show Dolby Multichannel PCM 5.1 but never 7.1. 


using Apple TV 4k and using passthrough, I get Atmos 7.1.4 or otherwise 5.1 on non-Atmos content.


I believe the Samsung Q90T is messing up the PCM from PS5.

@GuitarSuperstar thank you very much for the help.

have been able to get the 7.1ch with the said settings with PS5.

Since VUDU is not available in Japan I will try to find some Blu-Ray movie to test the 7.1ch with movie again.