Sonos Arc inut displays Sterio PCM and not Dolby Atmos

  • 17 March 2023
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The below is my setup

  1. Sonos Arc
    1. BenQ TK700STi 4k HDR Short throw projector (QS01 ANDROID TV DONGLE)
  2. Sub Gen 3
  3. SL one
  4. HD Fury 4k Arcana 18 GBPS
  5. NEWCARE HDMI 2.1Switch 8k 60 Hz
  6. FireStick and BenQ QS01 ANDROID TV DONGLE (that streams android apps)

My issue is almost like the one we have in this forum with a title “ Sonos Arc, HD Fury Arcana, Google Chromecast with Google TV , Viwsonic projector: Stero PCM only”

I have reviewed and followed (i think i did) suggestions particularly form “GuitarSuperstar”

  1. HDMI2 input to my projector : Firestick>HD Fury>output one to Projector and two to Sonos Arc --I get Digital Dolby 5.1 as Sonos ARC input,  with  TV ARC Routing setting to ON or OFF


  1. HDMI3 input to my projector : BenQ QS01 ANDROID TV DONGLE > HD Fury Arcana>Sonos Arc  --I get Sterio PCM  [Only if i turn TV ARC Routing setting to ON] otherwise no sound at all

Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance

8 replies

While I’m not significantly able to help, it may be useful to know which version of the FireStick you have. If memory serves, it’s been posted several times that only the 4K version can send an Atmos signal. 

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Since the projector is equipped with eARC, do you even need the Arcana?

Have you tried connecting the Arc directly to HDMI 2? Then connecting the Fire TV Stick and Android TV Dongle to the HDMI switch, and then connecting the switch to HDMI 3?

Also be sure to set the projector to these settings:

HDMI EDID: Enhanced
Electronics Control: On
Audio Return + (HDMI-2): RAW+

Thank you both for your prompt replies, will try these and revert

thanks again

A big thank you ! I got rid of HD Furry (spent so much time on it)

Please attached


As you see I still get Stero PCM or Sterio PCM 2.0 as input to my Sonos Arc


I did not play from firestick to avoid 4k or not 4k 


I played Jack Rayan from Amazon prime from the BenQ TV dongle (HDMI3) and when i play surround test for Samsung from you tube i get digital Dolby plus 5.1 


I think i am missing something


thanks again for all the help and your time

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Under the “Select Formats” setting, can you select more than one format? If so, select these three formats:

  • Dolby Atmos in Dolby Digital Plus
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Dolby Digital

Did you play the “surround test for Samsung” on YouTube from the TV dongle?

Are you still using the HDMI switch? Try removing the switch completely and just testing the TV dongle all by itself on HDMI 3. Then test the Fire TV Stick all by itself on HDMI 1. Test the movie The Tomorrow War on Prime Video on both devices and tell me what audio format you are getting.

On the Fire TV Stick under Audio, make sure the Surround Sound setting is set to Best Available.

Go ahead and change the HDMI EDID setting for HDMI-3 to Enhanced too.

Thank you

will test and revert

Thank you so much !!

After the changes when I play the The tomorrow war from hdmi3- i got Sonos input as Dolby Atmos !! and with fire stick same move Sonos input shows Dolby Atomos DD+


you definitely saved few hundred dolors for me (I am going return HD fury ) and lot of debug time !!


thanks again