Random beep from Beam and Arc

  • 19 November 2023
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I’m getting random beep (similar to the beep when using Alexa) on both my systems from some time now. I can’t precise exactly when it started.

It happens every couple of hours. Doesn’t matter if the Sonos is in use or not. And it happens both to my Beam and my Arc.


I’ve submitted a diagnostic from my system: 1884089486


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Hi @kha0S 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Okay, one thing immediately jumps out at me on your diagnostics - you’ve disabled the Wi-Fi interface on your Arc and Beam. Your surround speakers rely on a direct, 5GHz connection between them and your Home Theatre primaries. 

Please go to Settings » System » [room name] » Arc/Beam » Enable Wi-Fi and restore WiFi on both your Arc and Beam.

Please also re-enable WiFi on both of your Play:1s: Settings » System » Office » Play:1 (LS)/Play:1 (RS) » Enable Wi-Fi. Once done, disconnect both the Play:1s from ethernet.

I’m not convinced this is the cause of the “beeping” you hear, but I highly recommend you take these steps.


If the beeps persist after taking these steps, please try tapping the microphone button on your Beam/Arc to see if it is indeed Alexa making the noises - with microphones disabled, you should no longer hear them.

Please also note that the last time I heard of such a report, it turned out (after much troubleshooting) not to be Sonos that was making the noises - are there any other devices nearby that could be making these sounds?

I couldn’t see any evidence of events that might cause such sounds in the logs - how long before submitting the diagnostics did you hear the noises.? If you can submit a support diagnostic immediately after hearing them, they might be easier to find - I’d be happy to look again if you can submit some more diagnostics (please also mention which room it was heard in, unless they both go off at the same time?).

I hope this helps.


Hi Corry.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I’ve applied the changes you requested, with a few changes:

  • I enabled Wi-Fi on all equipments and disconnected the ethernet cable. I also did the same for my Beam and Arc. 
  • I disabled Alexa on the Beam
  • And I’ve disabled the speaker on both Beam and Arc 

I already had seen that post about the beep that was being caused by another device near the soundbar. That’s not my case, for both my systems. I can assure that.


I’ve uploaded a new diagnostics with the current setup for reference: 1961000716

If and when I ear it again, I’ll submit another one.


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The Disable WiFi label is a bit confusing as it does not disable WiFi, instead it disables the entire radio. So no WiFi, no Sub and no Surrounds when switched off.

It is perfectly fine to have WiFi enabled and an Ethernet connected on primary devices. I’ve been told not to wire Sub and Surround ones and that does seem more stable. 

I have Ethernet connected and WiFi (radio) on here on several devices as it makes the SonosNet mesh network more robust and offers better connection options to non-wired Sonos devices.

On many occasions I’ve heard Alexa respond to content that is playing. “Alex”, “Texas”, “Texan”, “flex”, and similar have keyed a response. In these cases, there was a Volume drop, anticipating an Alexa command will follow.

I also have a nearby DOT that will respond to “Texas”, etc. Since DOT is not currently playing anything, content that I’m listening to will not drop, I just hear the tone.

Hi all.

Just leaving some feedback.

After testing during a couple of days with the microphone off the beep stopped. I enabled the microphone again for 1 day. The beep returned. 

The weird part is that sometimes it happened with apparently no sound or conversations near the sound bar.

I’ve returned to the mic off for now.

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Hi @kha0S 

Thanks for the update.

As it does indeed seem to be your Sonos device that’s beeping, please note that you can turn off the notification sound that Alexa plays when you call her name - this won’t stop the false triggers in the way that disabling the microphone will, but it may stop it from annoying you. The speaker will still duck (lower volume temporarily) to hear you though. Settings » System » [room name] » Amazon Alexa » Wake Word Chime (disable).

Note also that Alexa will be listening fairly acutely - you may not hear anything that sounds like “Alexa”, but she clearly does, at some low level - it may not be a voice that she’s hearing, however.

I hope this helps.

Hi Corry.

It happened again today and I was able to run a diagnostic right after (Number: 874339455).

There were 3 people in the same room talking and the microphone was enabled.

Hope it helps to confirm the “issue”.