Playbar 5.1 audio dropouts through TV

  • 24 January 2023
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I have a Playbar connected to my Sony TV via optical cable. I have a Roku Express, Humax freeview box and Sony DVD player connected via HDMI to the TV. I can get 5.1 sound going through the TV from each device but experience choppy audio (drop outs for a fraction of a second every few seconds). 

As it happens with all devices (and not when the optical lead is plugged straight into the freeview box or DVD player) it seems like the TV is the problem. The Roku is an issue as it doesn’t have an optical connection. I have tried a HDMI/optical splitter but it seems the 5.1 signal doesn’t get passed through from the Roku and I end up with stereo (because it doesn’t go through the TV?).


I’m not allowed a new TV so would welcome any other ideas to try and fix the problem?




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Hi @Ilikedthecore 

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I agree with @Ken_Griffiths, but I suggest first unplugging your TV from power for at least 2 minutes - it’s free, after all, and it usually works a treat!

I hope this helps.

I would consider changing the optical cable, as the one you have might be faulty. If no joy with that, I would perhaps try a different A/V splitter/extractor, one that supports Dolby Digital 5.1 audio pass-through to Optical. You might find such a splitter to suit your needs on Amazon, or other good online retailers.