Need advice to best connect

I currently have a playbar and 2 Play:1’s that make up my general media setup. I am buying the EPSON LS11000. 

My goal is to go from Xbox Series X to AV Receiver, then from AV receiver to Sonos and projector. 

Currently I don’t have the AV receiver. I’d prefer to spend under 2k on any new components (av receiver, port, etc) 

Can someone tell me the cleanest setup to accomplish the above? 




Best answer by Airgetlam 18 May 2023, 03:51

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Are there any other inputs? Only the Xbox? Is there a cable box? ROKU? etc.?

From what you have described so far, I don’t see the need for an A/V receiver.

With an old PLAYBAR?

There is no indication on the web page that this device has an optical sound output, what was your plan to get sound from an HDMI input to an optical output? Is this something your A/V receiver is supposed to be doing? 

I think you’re under estimating both the difficulty and expense for what you’re trying to do, here. This would likely be a lot easier with a newer Arc, and forgoing the A/V receiver completely, but then again Sonos really isn’t designed for use with projectors, you’re going to end up with a cabling mess, IMHO.