LG OLED 2022 and Sonos Playbase

  • 17 January 2023
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Hi - there’s nothing on the forum which deals with this question where (1) using an LG OlED 2022 TV and (2) the Sonos Playbase. 

user interface has changed and none of the supposed “fixes” are working.

Been spending hours reading various forums… has anyone got this to work?


not sure if it’s an IR issue as the LG has a magic remote or some issue trying to get the TV to talk to the sound at directly…

help please!!


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The LG magic remote, by default, does not emit an IR signal, which the PLAYBASE is looking for. You’d need to set up this, by following the instructions here.

Note that in the past, updates to the TV’s firmware have been known to change settings on the remote, turning off the IR aspect, so you may want to keep a link to that FAQ handy. 

If memory serves, people have posted in the past that the word “Sonos” is case sensitive, when you’re searching in the TV’s OS.


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I’ve tried all of this a number of times without much luck. I managed to get it working properly last night but once I turned the TV off it seems to have “reset” something and I’m back to square one. Obviously I don’t want to have to go through the optical output settings every time I watch TV.


anyone else have a suggestion?


otherwise I will try LG or SONOS customer support 



I can’t think of any reason why this shouldn’t work.  Could you explain what is happening (or not happening)?  Which settings seem to have been reset?

It’s been “reset” in the sense that the remote was working to control the Sonos last night and now it’s not (again)

Any other bright ideas here?

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Hi @Hros 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

If you set up your LG Magic Remote to work with your Playbase successfully, then the next time you turn on your TV it no longer works, I recommend you contact LG support - all the Playbase does is wait for a specific command from the remote. If the remote is no longer sending that particular command after the TV goes off and on, that’s for LG to resolve.

I hope this helps.