im starting to hate you SONOS!!! I bought the PORT and it sucks!

  • 11 May 2024
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wtaf sonos!  youre starting to remind me of apple, that whole ‘holier than thou” crap… that’s why i quit them and their ‘you can only charge with approved cables” attitude.  so i have the beam , 2x sl ones, the sub gen3 , and recently spent too much on the port.  it receives my mixer and two technics sl1200 mk2’s.  your think that they could just incorpoarate BT connection! and the new app as just ruined my sat night gathering- how the f...k do i now find my port-line in- turntable on my sources?   and morgan freemans voice is soooo annoying.  wtaf sonos!  the new app is worse than the last which was pretty crap anyhow.   the sound keeps dropping out as well.  the tv line in is all i need as well as my turntables and my mixer/preamp through the port.. and “YES” i want to hear the TV and am SURE  ya bloody muppets.  FIX THIS OR I WILL RUBBISH the brand. 

1 reply

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